DAVIDsTEA New Collections For Winter 2016

DavidsTea Holiday - Winter Collections - Header

DavidsTea Holiday - Winter Collections - Header

While the Advent Calendar will be on most of our wishlists, there are several new collections hitting the shelves this week and into November.  Choose from winter collections, brunch specials and more.  If you missed it, I already posted a sneak peek of the mugs here with the teas that will hit the shelves on November 1st along with most of these sets!

I have put the teas in spoiler tags in case you just want to see the pretty packaging but be surprised by the teas inside.  Simply click on the + in the spoiler areas to read what teas are included in each collection.

Warm & Cozy Teas (Winter Collection Pack): Whether you’re hitting the slopes or warming up by the fire, these five limited edition teas are the perfect way to make your winter extra cozy.  It includes the five new teas hitting the stores on November 1st: Coffee Cake, Chocolate Covered Almond, Nutty and Spice, Sweet Almond Green and Apple Cider.  The set is $28 and has the same cute mountain and tree design as the colour changing nordic mug.

Get festive themed collections in Holiday Star or Christmas Tree.  With over 12 teas weighing over 6oz total, these 12 Teas of Christmas packs are $32 each and I can’t wait to find out what teas are included!

Best of 2016, 8 Nights of Tea & David’s Tea Chest Collections

DavidsTea Holiday - Winter Collections - Best of 2016 - 8 Nights of Tea - Tea Chest

The Best of 2016 has already gone live so you can pick it up now.  It includes 12 of their bestselling teas from this year.  With 6-12g of each tea, there is enough for one decent sized cup but no seconds.  At $26 it is a good time to try several teas you may have missed over the year.

Teas included in the Best of 2016:

Melon Drop, Just Peachy, Live Wire Lemon, Honeycrisp Apple, Goji Green, Apple Strudel, English Toffee, Cardamom French Toast, Sweet Almond Green, Apple Cider, Coconut Cream Pie and Hot Chocolate.


This pretty, sparkling blue box on the 8 Nights of Tea collection ($20) is the perfect gift for anyone celebrating Chanukah. It has eight caffeine-free, kosher teas – one for each night.  Even if you do not celebrate or need Kosher teas, we could all use some caffeine free downtime during the busy party season.

The 8 Nights of Tea collection includes

Super Ginger, Peppermint Amour, Serenity Now, Just Peachy, Mother’s Little Helper, The Big Chill, Jessie’s Tea and Coco Chai Rooibos


Finally, they have a new David’s Tea Chest ($65) with eight bags of tea, a pack of 50 filters and a perfect spoon.  The box is holiday themed but the teas are not and it has a nice variety and you can have more than one cup of each to try.

The Tea Chest includes

Buddha’s Blend, Green Passionfruit, Coconut Cream Pie, Cream of Earl Grey, Coffee Pu’erh, The Buzz, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai and Forever Nuts.


DavidsTea Holiday - Winter Collections - Brunch teas Holiday teas

With a pack of drawstring filters and a Perfect Spoon, these cute gift boxes are more than just tea – they’re an instant tea setup! Choose from Brunch Party Teas and Holiday Party Teas.   At just $20 each or two for $35, these make the perfect hostess gift.  With the included Perfect Spoon, they are also a great starter set for someone branching out from bagged tea to loose.

The Library Collection – Winter 2016

DavidsTea Holiday - Winter Collections - Library Collection

Last but not least, the set I am most excited for.  Make it book themed and I just have to have it!  The Library Collection includes three books of tea priced at $28 each.  They include nine different teas each based on the theme of the book.  Somehow, I want all three of these books!

The Night Before Christmas has a beautiful teal design with a wintery scene.  It includes several calming teas to help you chill out before the big day as well as some holiday favourites.

The Night Before Christmas book includes

The Big Chill, Sleigh Ride, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mother’s Little Helper, Forever Nuts, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Sweet Dreams, Apple Cider, Alpine Punch.


Santa Baby has the most adorable cover with a gingerbread man and his little gingerbread kid decorating a tree.  It has lots of holiday favourites and dessert teas to choose from.

The Santa Baby book includes:

Santa’s Secret, Banana Nut Bread, Chocolate Covered Almond, Hot Chocolate, English Toffee, Nutty and Spice, Apple Strudel, Chocolate Macaroon, Coffee Cake.


Winter Wonderland is a classic blue winter scene with cute snowmen.  It has a selection of teas to keep you toasty warm on a cold day.

The Winter Wonderland book includes

Hot Chocolate, The Big Chill, Snow Day, Alpine Punch, Apple Cider, Spiced Apple, Chocolate Chili Chai, Sleigh Ride, Toasted Walnut.


So now you have seen the collections, what is on your list?  Will you be getting the Advent Calendar plus one of these?  What about any of the mugs or winter teas?  Don’t forget that most of these collections won’t hit the shelves until next week!

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  1. Going to be getting the gingerbread story book one. and for my cousin the tree twelve days of tea 🙂

  2. Does the warm and cozy set come with any bonuses like a agave or honey sticks or filters etc like the other collections have this year (summer fall Boardwalk cold and etc)?

  3. Do you know what teas come in the Brunch/Holiday Party packs?

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