Five MoYou Stamping Plates You Need In Your Collection

Five Moyou Canada Plates You Need From Trade Secrets

I recently reviewed the Comics collection from MoYou and while it is not beginner friendly, Trade Secrets sells lots that are.  If you are Canadian and want to start nail stamping without waiting 4-8 weeks for items to arrive from the other side of the world, here are 5 plates you can use as a starter collection.  Plates sell for $13.95 each and they offer free shipping on all orders online or you can check your local store to see what plates they stock.

Five Moyou Canada Plates You Need From Trade Secrets

These plates will cover you for most looks, from plaid and stripes to flowers and lace designs.  They are all easy to use plates but it is a good idea to pick up a starter kit so you have good stamping polish and a stamper.  I recommend Flower Power which comes with white stamping polish as it is hard to find a great regular white polish to stamp with plus you can switch out the plate recommended below.  Alternatively, get the Illusion set that comes with their opaque black polish and get some geometric and illusion designs.

MoYou Artist 15 Plate From Trade Secrets

MoYou Artist 15 Plate Trade Secrets Canada

With a mix of geometric shapes, illusion type stamps and even one that can be used to semi-fake a watermarble image, the MoYou Artist 15 plate is great for a starter kit.  The plate will grow with you will space that you can colour in for advanced stamping techniques as you become more comfortable stamping too.

MoYou Bridal 07 Plate From Trade Secrets

MoYou Bridal 07 Plate Trade Secrets Canada

Everyone needs a bit of lace in their lives.  The MoYou Bridal 07 plate has a great mix of lace designs including full nail images. It also includes ones you can use for partial nail with a clear jelly stamper once you get used to stamping.  Use a jelly polish with a similar colour stamping polish over it (I love black jelly with black stamping polish).  Or go for a nude with white for a classic look.

MoYou Hipster 06 Plate From Trade Secrets

MoYou Hipster 06 Plate Trade Secrets Canada

Fall just screams for plaid and the MoYou Hipster 06 plate has you covered.  Some of the images can also be used for line type designs while the middle one on the end row works as a Christmas gift if you use festive colours and add a bow.  For stamps with larger etched areas, make sure you swipe the stamping polish lightly or you will get bald spots in your stamped image.

MoYou Fashionista 05 Plate From Trade Secrets

MoYou Fashionista 05 Plate Trade Secrets Canada

Everyone needs some classic line designs and the MoYou Fashionista 05 plate has almost everything you could need without using vinyls.  I own a couple of Fashionista plates and they are probably my most used stamping plates.  Start with the more solid images like the one on the end of the top row and work your way towards the finickier ones.

MoYou Flower Power 04 Plate From Trade Secrets

MoYou Flower Power 04 Plate Trade Secrets Canada

Finally, if you didn’t pick up the starter set to get the polish and stamper, the MoYou Flower Power 04 plate has a range of flower themed images for every occasion.  I love the one with some unetched areas to really show your base polish.  Plus ones like the bottom right can be used for advanced stamping once you have been stamping for a while and feel ready to take it on.

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I love the classic designs like chevron and stripes and such! These plates look cute and I have a few MoYou plates already but I always find them tricky to work with.

    1. Really? I find MoYou plates to be some of the best etched ones but they do have quite a few finicky designs

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