Avon Skincare To Try in November

New Avon Skincare To Try This Month - November 2016

New Avon Skincare To Try This Month - November 2016-2

As with most companies, Avon has a lot of new products coming up to the holiday season.  Our skincare needs change in the colder weather and so not surprisingly, there is lots of new skincare to try out.  I was lucky enough to preview some of it, so here are the ones I loved and recommend you try this month.

Avon Foot Works Clay Mask and Skin So Soft Hand Cream - New in Avon Skincare October-November 2016

Avon Footworks Lavender Clay Mask

You will need some downtime for this one, something we could all do with in the busy holiday season.  Between wearing boots to protect from the cold and snow (yes, I said it but come on, it is Canada) then getting little black dress ready for a party, foot care is just as important as sandal weather.  Slather on this calming lavender clay foot mask, put your feet up and let the super-sloughing texture exfoliate while it calms and moisturizes the feet.  Once done, just rinse off for soft and smooth feet – because skincare is for more than just your face!

Unlike me, don’t try this in the middle of the day while waiting for a package.  I ran to the door leaving white footprints over all of the floors!

Avon Skin So Soft Wintersoft with Hydroseal Complex Hand Cream

Skin So Soft Winter Soft with Hydroseal Complex is formulated to protect skin from winter’s dry elements. The Winter Soft formula is high in babassu oil, shea butter and vitamin E, to both moisturized and prevent the return of dry skin! With 24+ hours of moisturization, it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky smooth, with a light scent of sandalwood and sensual jasmine!

Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme

Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme - New in Avon Skincare October-November 2016

With a name like Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme, it will come as no shock that this is one of my top choices in Avon’s newest skincare.  Most of the Avon Anew products I have tried have worked really well, but this made my skin feel amazing after just one use.  I don’t expect miracles from my skincare.  I see it as I have done damage over years and it will take more than a night of cream to fix it so I was shocked at how my skin felt after using this.

Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme pampers your skin with cushiony softness resulting in increased moisture and instant radiance. It is formulated with exceptional ingredients and formulas including rare Tahitian black pearl extract and the highest concentration of Avon’s exclusive anti-aging Celluvive Complex to be one of their most advanced skincare products.

Avon Travel Brush Set Gold and Black - Free With Avon Anew Skincare November 2016

Plus when you buy the Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme, you get this matching set of eye makeup brushes in a travel container small enough to take with you for touchups a night out but versatile enough for a weekend away.

Avon Silicone Facial Cleansing Pads

Avon Silicone Face Cleansers - New in Avon Skincare October-November 2016

These silicone facial cleansing pads come as a set of two and allow for easy deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation.  I also use one of them for cleaning my eye makeup brushes so they have multiple uses!  They are the perfect size to hold comfortably and cover the face easily while still getting into the curves of your face while flexible enough that they don’t tug at the skin.

Avon Konjac Cleansing Sponge

Avon Konjac Sponge - New in Avon Skincare October-November 2016

Made from 100% vegetable fibre, Avon’s Konjac sponge feels soft while gently cleansing and exfoliating.  It does take a while to soften the first time you use it even once it dries, it softens much quicker on future uses.  It is suitable for sensitive skin and can naturally moisturize the skin without any moisturizing product!

If you try any of them, let me know what you think!  As always, you can order these products from your local independent Avon representative or go online to find one and buy online.

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