Our Favourite Cat Toys and Treats

Favourite Cat Toys and Treats: Da Bird, Bamboozler, Sponge Balls, Puffs Yeowww Banana

Favourite Cat Toys and Treats: Da Bird, Bamboozler, Sponge Balls, Puffs Yeowww Banana

Since it is International Cat Day, I thought I would mix it up and take a break from beauty to talk about the stuff my cats love.  I used to post more cat stuff but it seems to have become very beauty focused lately so I will try to do more of these non beauty posts again.

I have no issues with the fact my cats are more than a little spoiled.  So many cat toys have come into the house only to be ignored, so here are their favourites, the ones that all of them will play with.  For most of these, that is only occasionally for all of them, but one of them loves them.

Da Bird Cat Toy With Attachments

The Da Bird is by far their favourite toy.  I have used this while volunteering at an animal rescue and even the most shy cats can’t resist chasing that “birdie”.  We probably have about 5 of them with various attachments.  They are loving the big feathery one at the moment but Roo especially prefers the regular attachment.  They love the tinsel one but I am terrified they will eat it and I have been in the vet office when a cat was brought in after eating tinsel and seen the vet bill so they are out of luck.

Boinks Bamboozler Cat Toy

Izzy is less active than the boys and less likely to leap to catch the Da Bird.  To stop her gaining weight, we tried a number of different toys but found a winner with Boinks Bamboozler.  They make those little mesh tubes cats go crazy for and this is basically the same stuff, just finer and thinner on a bamboo rod.  It doesn’t make the swooosh sound the Da Bird does and the rod is a bit stronger than the plastic one.  Since buying it, all of the cats will play with this one.

Favourite Cat Toys - Yeowww Banana, Puffs, Tea Bags, Laser

They each have a smaller toy they love.  They all steal toys from each other, but I find they always go back to their favourite.

Quincy’s favourite is Yeowww Catnip Bananas.  He will settle for the cigar, but none of the others and by far prefers the banana.  He finally managed to rip his open the day before I took photos so we will be picking up another one on Thursday when the pet store gets more stock.

Roo thinks he is a dog.  He loves to play fetch with these little sponge balls.  From the main picture, you can tell that the one with the soccer ball markings is his favourite and he is actually quite fussy about them.  He rarely plays with the green ones or the ones without markings.  You can throw these for hours and he will just keep running, grab them, scream with them in his mouth then drop it at your feet and wait for it to be thrown again.

Izzy is more of a laser girl, she likes quiet things to chase.  But she does love these Whisker City catnip puffs.  The others only play with them if they want to annoy her or they are fresh out of the bag of catnip.

Jazz is probably the least fussy and will play with anything but that huge long pillow that I have no idea where we got it is great for taking out some stress with a good bunny kicking and Tea-Zings catnip tea bags are the catnip of choice.

Cat treats my cats love

Much to their disappointment, my cats mostly get freeze dried chicken for treats.  They love Pure Snacks but those bad for you treats are so much better.  We usually buy the dog ones because they are the exact same, just larger and much cheaper than the cat ones.

Friskies Pull n Play Chicken Cheese Treat Toy - kit

Friskies Pull n Play Chicken Cheese Treat Toy - Cat Eating Treat

A while back, Roo was gifted a Friskies Pull n Play.  Remember his love of tinsel?  They thought that “treat strings” would be a nice alternative for him as he will chew anything string like.  He wasn’t all that fussed about getting the regular treats out of the belly of the wobbling toy (Izzy took about 2 hours to work out how to get them though) but the strings.  We bought a pack of refills for it but the other cats are not that bothered so we currently have a bag of Whiskas Temptations in Dairy which they all love so they can get something while Roo has his “cheese string”.

National Cat Day - My Cats

Now make sure you go get your kitties a new toy, love Jazz, Quincy, Roo and Izzy!


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