International Cat Day Nail Art

International Cat Day Nail Art - Stamped Cat Paws Nail Art Swatch - Quo Barely There

It is International Cat Day and that calls for some kitty themed nail art!

The first look is simpler, a stamped look using a single stamping image from Bundle Monster’s BM-S162 plate using Quo Barely There and the brown shimmer polish from one of the first sets of Mariposa polish I reviewed.  Since it is not actually a stamping polish (great opacity though) it needs a fair bit of time to dry before adding top coat or it bleeds.

Cat Day Nails with Orly Breathable Stronger Than Ever Swatch Stamped

I tried out a handful of the stamps before deciding on the paws and fish.  This is Mundo de Unas Gold over Quo Breathable Stronger Than Ever*.  Pink and gold are hardly cat colours, but why paint my nails again to take it off while just swatching stamps?

I really like the cat on the wall image and I expect I will have several kitty themed manicures coming up in the future.  I think the cat on the line ones will be great in silver/grey/white with black and there is another plate filled with kitty prints including a hiss text image to use.

Bundle Monster Cat Themed Stamping Plate

I wanted to use the Grumpy Cat image but it just does not seem to want to stamp and since I have to wear it to a work meeting, went for something plain but still showing my love of cats (because being covered in cat hair isn’t enough).  Not 100% happy with it, but I can have lots of fun playing with these in the coming weeks.

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