International Cat Day Nail Art

International Cat Day Nail Art - Stamped Cat Paws Nail Art Swatch - Quo Barely There

International Cat Day Nail Art - Stamped Cat Paws Nail Art Swatch - Quo Barely There

It is International Cat Day and that calls for some kitty themed nail art!

The first look is simpler, a stamped look using a single stamping image from Bundle Monster’s BM-S162 plate using Quo Barely There and the brown shimmer polish from one of the first sets of Mariposa polish I reviewed.  Since it is not actually a stamping polish (great opacity though) it needs a fair bit of time to dry before adding top coat or it bleeds.

Cat Day Nails with Orly Breathable Stronger Than Ever Swatch Stamped

I tried out a handful of the stamps before deciding on the paws and fish.  This is Mundo de Unas Gold over Quo Breathable Stronger Than Ever*.  Pink and gold are hardly cat colours, but why paint my nails again to take it off while just swatching stamps?

I really like the cat on the wall image and I expect I will have several kitty themed manicures coming up in the future.  I think the cat on the line ones will be great in silver/grey/white with black and there is another plate filled with kitty prints including a hiss text image to use.

Bundle Monster Cat Themed Stamping Plate

I wanted to use the Grumpy Cat image but it just does not seem to want to stamp and since I have to wear it to a work meeting, went for something plain but still showing my love of cats (because being covered in cat hair isn’t enough).  Not 100% happy with it, but I can have lots of fun playing with these in the coming weeks.

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13 Replies to “International Cat Day Nail Art”

  1. i love both manis and plates!

  2. How. HOW. HOW did I miss cat day?!

    1. There are quite a few various ones so not really surprising

  3. Both of these are really cute! Excuse to subject my kitty to extra snuggles today, too!

  4. I hate when images don’t pick up/transfer to the nail. Mani cam out great and these plates are super cute

  5. Wait?! It’s International Cat Day?! These are so cute!!

  6. Paw print stamping!! It’s so cute!! It’s a damn shame about grumpy cat not wanting to be transferred though. That would have been fun!

    1. It was the reason I bought the set of plates too!

  7. The first pattern is so cool! And I love the colours, too.

  8. Aaaaw! Such adorable kitty manis. <3

  9. Ohhhh sooo cuuuuuute!

  10. So adorable, love this!

  11. These are so cute! I didn’t realize there was an international cat day until I saw you post these up, I will have to do something next year!!

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