Temptations Mix Ups: My Cats’ New Favourite Treats


My cats are a little (ok more than a little) spoiled, usually they get Pure Snacks freeze dried chicken as a treat but every so often we give in and let them have some junk food.  The problem is that with the exception of freeze dried chicken, they don’t like the same treats so I sit there with 3 different bags as they headbutt my legs wondering why it is taking me so long to dish out their treat because the other has some already.  Last night, I stopped by the grocery store hoping to pick up a bag of Temptations Dairy flavour but of course they didn’t have any again.  They did however have the new Temptations Mix Ups and they come in Chicken, Catnip and Cheddar – the Cheddar has to be like the Dairy ones right?

My plan failed, they are not like the dairy ones at all, but he liked them anyway but more than that, so did the others! They actually all ate the same treats!  My former feral who is usually fairly timid and never eats from my hand jumped in the air and snatched that treat right out of my fingers, my chubby orange cat was bouncing around for his and the youngest was chewing on the bottom of the bag.  Seriously, they could have made an advert from them – I always laugh at cat treat adverts where the cat swims/breaks through a wall/whatever other ridiculous thing to get a treat but I think they actually would have done anything for these treats.

About Temptations Mix Ups

These are not a mix of the three flavours in one treat, but three different types of treats in the bag – or at least 3 different coloured treats in the bag as they seemed to like all three.  Like most Temptations treats, they are about 2 calories per treat and are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. They have no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or fillers but do have added vitamins, minerals and taurine to help keep your cat healthy and happy.  You can also get them in Temptations Seafood Mix Ups (Tuna, Salmon & Shrimp) or Temptations Meat Mix Ups (Chicken, Beef & Turkey) but I think we will stick to what works.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was wondering what these would be like. My cats will wake from the dead and run from all corners when they hear me pick these bags up – I don’t even need to shake them! Three flavours will be the brand new thing, the catnip especially I think.

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