DAVIDsTEA Sakura Cherry Review

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Davids Tea Review

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Davids Tea Review

As much as I was excited by the DavidsTea release of traditional teas last week, I was most exited for Sakura Cherry.  A Sencha green tea with a hint of cherry that will make you dream of sitting under cherry blossom trees in spring.  I used to live near Burlington’s waterfront where they have a boulevard of Japanese cherry trees donated from their sister city of Itabashi, Japan and they are so pretty and smell amazing when they bloom.

DAVIDsTEA Sakura Cherry Tea Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Tea Davids Tea Review - Ingredients

Sakura Cherry Tea Ingredients: green tea, cornflower petals, natural cherry flavouring

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz hot (167℉ – 176℉ or 75℃ – 80℃) water for 3-5 minutes.

Personally, I found this really astringent after just three minutes.  It steeps quickly and a minute is more than enough to get both the grassy vegetal taste of the green tea and a good amount of cherry flavouring.  I know others have been steeping for even less, so perhaps taste test after 30 seconds or so until you find your perfect steep time.

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Tea Davids Tea Review - Loose

The Sakura Cherry tea is slightly wet or greasy looking, likely the cherry flavouring and has pink cornflower petals throughout.  Priced at $11.98 per 50g with a perfect spoon holding around 4g this is a pricier tea but when brewed to taste, well worth it.  It is certified organic  There is a lot of smaller tea (at least in my bag) so you get some sediment when poured.

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Tea Davids Tea Review - Cup of Brewed Tea

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry is not a particularly delicate green, it brews quickly and strongly.  The tea bulks up when brewed, so a single perfect spoon steeped for just a minute is more than enough for me.  That is plenty of time to bring out the cherry flavour and allow a decent steep of the green without it becoming too astringent.

I will have another tea from the Garden to Cup collection to share next week unless I get sucked into buying the new Back to Reality collection which was released today.

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