DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips + Bonus Nail Art

Davids Tea Read My Lips Loose tea

I love peppermint teas but DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips adds something a little special to the usual peppermint tea.  It is a mix of cute little red lips sugar sprinkles, chocolate, pink peppercorns with peppermint and Chinese black tea.

Not your regular mix, the chocolate makes the tea a little fudgy and dark and combined with the lip shaped sprinkles, sweetens the peppermint.  The added Chinese black tea mixed with the peppermint makes it ideal for someone who wants to try a peppermint tea but not an in your face minty peppermint.  This one is so good that David’s Tea infused Read My Lips into a lip gloss.

Davids Tea Read My Lips Close

I love that none of the flavours overpower each other in this one, a nice mix of mint, chocolate and black tea makes for a great after dinner tea.  not quite as strong as the After Eight mint taste of many chocolate mint teas, it is suitable for everyone too.

Davids Tea Read My Lips Nail Art Tea

I will admit I bought Read My Lips on a whim while at Davids Tea just because of the cute red lips but it is a keeper and I will certainly be buying more.  Steep as a regular black tea, 1.25tsp per 8oz at 96°C for 4-7 minutes.  The longer you steep, the more minty your tea will be so you may want to experiment to find the perfect steeping time.

Read My Lips Inspired Nail Art

It is not often Tea Tuesday comes with nail art, but I was inspired by the red lips so…

Read My Lips Nail Art Mani

  • Quo by Orly Coffee & Cream
  • Revlon Salon Pro Hot Gossip
  • Mariposa brown (from the coloured foils)
  • Shany stamping plates SH214, SH201, SH221, SH225

Read My Lips Nail Art Closeup

I started with a base of Quo’s Coffee and Cream, which is not quite dark enough but I wanted to see the darker brown shapes and my others are too dark.  So amazingly, I need to add a brown polish to my shopping list (for after we move of course).  I added random stripes for the tea using SH221 and patches to deepen the look and add chocolate chips using SH225 with the brown Mariposa polish.  Then using Revlon’s Hot Gossip, added lips using SH204 and circles for the peppercorns using SH214.

So now my nails match my tea!  If you have a recommendation for a good dark but not too dark brown, I would love some ideas!

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13 thoughts on “DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips + Bonus Nail Art

  1. One of my absolute favourite teas!! It’s such a perfect blend of everything I love in a tea. Love that you took inspiration from the tea to do a nail look 🙂

  2. OMG! I’m dying over both your beautiful pictures of the tea and the mani! This looks completely awesome. I’m drinking tea right now as I type but it is a more humble Lychee black.

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