DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard Tea Review (10th Anniversary Tea)

DAVIDsTEA apple custard tea review

DAVIDsTEA apple custard tea review

Another throwback tea from DAVIDsTEA!  This is Apple Custard from the Sweethearts Throwback part of the 10th anniversary collection release.  Described as “This might just be the most decadently creamy fruit infusion we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. It’s almost crazy how much it tastes like a warm and comforting apple pudding. Our caffeine-free blend combines sweet apples, golden raisins and a rich and creamy hint of vanilla. Go ahead, indulge. With this in your cupboard, who needs dessert?

Priced at $7.98 for 50g, it is one of the cheaper teas in the throwback collection but as with the others, there was a 20% anniversary code to bring down the price.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard Tea Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DAVIDsTEA apple custard tea ingredients steeping instructions

Apple Custard has a fairly strange mix of ingredients including a lot of coriander seeds.  The raisins and apple make up a good chunk of the other ingredients.  The loose has an almost white chocolate scent to it.  Very sweet, vanilla-ish.  Not heavy on the apple and not as spiced as the coriander would make you think.

Ingredients: Apples, golden raisins, coriander, calendula petals, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring.

It does say that coconut is an allergen in this tea.  Not sure if it comes from the flavouring or just made alongside a coconut tea, but something to be aware of.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard Steeping Instructions: The usual 1-2 Perfect Spoons of tea for 16oz almost boiling (95℃/200℉) water.  Steep for 5 minutes or longer.  I did it around 5 minutes to take photos then put it back in for 2 while I did milk for a latte.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA apple custard tea reviews

I am not sure what I was expecting from this.  I remember having it and thinking it was ok but not enough to buy more of at the time.  I also was not as into lattes at the time which may come into it as milk brings out the creamy flavours.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard tea is very sweet.  The apple is subtle, more of just custard than apple custard.  It is there just not as much as you would think.  More of that apple aftertaste than appley if that makes sense.  The coriander seems to add heat more than a spiced taste.

I love sweet teas.  But there was something overly sweet about this that makes me not love it.  Certainly drinkable but maybe a crisper apple taste would have pulled back the sweetness a little.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard Tea Latte Review & Instructions

DAVIDsTEA apple custard tea latte instructions reviews

As mentioned, I did steep for a little longer when making this a latte.  I didn’t want to add more loose in case the apple made it too acidic to add milk.  The taste may not be there but the apple is.

The creaminess of the milk brings out a little more of the apple and spice.  Maybe it is more that I find sweeter teas more yummy as a latte?  But it definitely improved the flavour and made it more custardy than just sweet.

Overall, a decent tea but not one I am stocking up on.  More money for Cookie Dough!

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