Cozy Brown Sweater Nails

Sweater Nails with Alter Ego Clever Girl - stamped brown sweater nails

Another #CBBxManiMonday.  This month, we are doing festive nails but inspired by Trysh, I went for cozy sweater nails this week.  Not exactly festive but the colder weather in December screams for cute sweaters.  I did a base of Alter Ego Clever Girl.  It is a metallic chocolate brown with a silvery chrome base that cools the tone so I did white for the sweater designs.

Sweater Nails with Alter Ego Clever Girl

The stamping plate used for my sweater nails is MoYou London Festive 06.  It has a bunch of designs to choose from and I went with one on my middle nails and the same one on my other nails.

Sweater Nails with Alter Ego Clever Girl - Thumb Swatch

Except for my thumb.  I realized that the designs on the MoYou plate were too small so mixed it up with Born Pretty Celebration BPXL008.  You can really see the chrome base in this shot, it is so pretty with the brown.

Sweater Nails with Alter Ego Clever Girl Swatch

As always, I do #CBBxManiMonday with some other bloggers.  So head over to see  how Cosmetic ProofPrairie Beauty Love and See the World in Pink did with this challenge.

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