Steel City Reflections – Sarah Sanderson Swatches

Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - Bottle Macro

Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - Bottle Macro

As I mentioned recently, I still had Sarah Sanderson to share with you from the Steel City Reflections Hocus Pocus collection.  While Winifred Sanderson became an instant favourite in the warmer weather when I bought these, this vampy purple holo with red medium and larger glitter was a winter fave.  Like Mary Sanderson, it did not come with a label so I always have to hold them to the light to make  sure I have the right one so note to self, make labels for these!

Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - Sunlight

Like most holo polishes, sunlight brings out the best in this polish.  Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson is described as an eggplant purple holo polish with red holo glitter.  While the red larger glitter is less holo than the orange in Mary Sanderson, it does have some shift in colour and most holo is harder to see in a darker polish so to be expected.

Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - Swatch Macro

The glitter in Sarah Sanderson comes in small and medium hexagons with larger squares.  I do find that the edges of the squares do not sit perfectly on my curved nails so a generous amount of top coat is needed to smooth it out.  The squares also tend to stick to the sides of the bottle so you need to give it a good shake a while before using then allow air bubbles to settle before using.


Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - No Sunlight

Without a decent light source, the holo is (naturally) harder to see but the vampy purple with the red glitter still makes Sarah Sanderson a beautiful polish without the holo showing.  You can see some of the shift from gold to purple in the glitter in the bottle here which while not visible in my other pictures, is beautiful on the nail.

You can buy Steel City Reflections online (or if you are near Hamilton, Ontario, at a local pop up) but the Sanderson Sisters including Sarah Sanderson are no longer available.


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  1. What a beautiful polish <3

  2. Too bad about the square glitters sticking to the sides of the bottle, but the deep eggplant base is just so pretty!

  3. Oh my, that is gorgeous! Purple and red is such an interesting color combo, and I’m loving it in this polish!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh this polish makes my heart jump!

  5. I really like how the red glitters blend perfectly in the purple base! It’s a colour combo I’d never think of!

  6. This is beautiful! Love the deep vampy base and the red glitters really pop in it without overpowering

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