Steel City Reflections – Bits of Tim Swatches

Steel City Reflections Bits of Tims

Steel City Reflections Bits of Tim Swatch

Time for week two of the alphabet of nail polish and this week I have Steel City Reflections Bits of Tim.  This polish is inspired by Hamilton’s own Tim Horton’s! It is a coffee brown jelly with square, red matte glitters.  Personally, I find the jelly in it a little hard to work with since the glitter is quite chunky and my nails are curved.  I added a base coat of Essie Mochacino so I would not need as much jelly polish.  Sure, it doesn’t have the same jelly look to it, but the colour is similar and the slight shimmer adds to the look.

Steel City Reflections Bits of Tim over Essie Mochacino

The chunky-ness of the glitter means a decent amount of top coat is needed.  Shown here with just one coat of Essence The Gel top coat which is fairly thick, you can see the sides of the glitter still sitting on top of the nail.  This is over two coats of Bits of Tim with a thick coat of Mochacino as a base so you can imagine how thick more coats of the jelly with glitter would be for fuller opacity without a base colour.

Steel City Reflections Bits of Tim Bottle

Like the Sanderson Sisters polishes from Steel City reflections, the glitter in Bits of Tim seems to just stick to the bottle but there is a good concentration of glitter included.  Give it a good shake an hour or so before application leaving time for the air bubbles to settle and you get a decent amount of glitter.  As with most polishes with glitter, it is next to impossible to get an even amount of glitter on the nail and this larger glitter seems to stick to a sponge if you try that method.

Overall, a decent looking polish, but application is an issue with dry time between jelly layers and lots of top coat needed.  The alphabet of nail polish will be back next week with a polish starting with C!

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10 Replies to “Steel City Reflections – Bits of Tim Swatches”

  1. The name for this one is cute! It bugs me when I can’t get a nice smooth surface over glitter!

    1. It is cute! It doesn’t help that my nails are quite curved so all square or chunky glitter sticks out making them harder to smooth over

  2. I really like the colors in this polish. The red glitter is gorgeous! I feel like a lot of big chunky glitter is hard to settle down but if you get a nice thick top coat you can calm it down.

    1. Two coats and this still sticks out, but my nails are fairly curved so not unusual

  3. Adding a layer of Gelous is great for smoothing glitters like this!

    1. I will look into it, thanks!

  4. The polish is cute on you. I like the red glitter against the mellow brown

  5. I like the look of this polish, too bad it’s so hard to apply.. It is an unusual colour combo, I really like it.

    1. It is based on the logo/uniform of a Canadian coffee chain

  6. What a pretty color! I’ve never heard of this brand before.

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