DAVIDsTEA Namastea Review

DAVIDsTEA Namastea Review

Taking a break from the 10th anniversary teas to share DAVIDsTEA Namastea since Red Velvet Cake has been available fairly recently and Namastea is new.  A green tea with valerian root, Namastea is supposed to be a calming tea.  The loose leaf seems almost wet looking and has a sweet buttery green scent.

“Need a meditation break? This creamy green tea will calm your mind as well as your body. Its zen combination of relaxing valerian root and higher-than-usual L-theanine will leave you super serene and focused. With hints of fresh cream and a vegetal aroma, it’s the perfect addition to your daily practice.”

So much for calming down the releases.  The second part of the Thrive collection launched just a week after the 10th anniversary teas!  Now there is a rumour that more new products will be available soon too.

DAVIDsTEA Namastea Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DAVIDsTEA Namastea Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Ingredients in DAVIDsTEA Namastea: Green tea, valerian root. Made with natural flavouring. This is an organic tea and medium caffeine so while valerian root can be used for helping you sleep, look for it in a herbal tea if you want that.  Not that I find the caffeine in green teas to be an issue in the evening.

Steeping Instructions: 1 perfect spoon per 16oz hot (80℃/175℉) water.  Steep for around 1 minute.

Priced at $9.98 per 50g.  A little more than some of their green teas but not super expensive.

DAVIDsTEA Namastea Review

DAVIDsTEA Namastea Review - Thrive Collection

This steeps to a very buttery scent.  Like the cloying smell of popcorn when you walk by a movie theatre buttery.  It is there in the taste too.  Not sure what makes it so buttery.  It is more buttery than Butter Sencha and that had butter flavouring and valerian root is awful tasting/smelling itself.  It must come from the flavouring mentioned.  Namastea somehow manages to be lightly vegetal at the same time.  The best way to describe it would be confused?

If you want the health benefits of green tea but are not a huge fan of the taste, the butter overpowers the light grassy taste pretty quickly.  I get the feeling that it could oversteep and taste burnt if you steeped it longer or hotter.  I am pretty fussy about green teas and this one misses the mark for me.  If I wanted the butter taste, I would drink Butter Sencha and there are other flavoured green teas out there I prefer.  I will easily drink the tea I got to sample it, but not on my list to buy more.

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