DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection 2019

DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection 2019

Now that back to school is over, Halloween planning can begin! My Halloween nail stuff (that I can find, some of it has mysteriously disappeared) is already out for planning October posts. Now I have to add this vampy green mani from DAVIDsTEA’s Halloween collection to my list because it is gorgeous!

You know I love the Halloween teas. First, it means chocolate & mint teas are just around the corner but they are always the more interesting releases. The DAVIDsTEA Halloween 2019 collection includes Deep Purple (new), Forbidden Root (new), Monster Mash (returning), Eye of Newt (new & online only), Stormy Night (online only) and Magic Potion. Both Stormy Night and Magic Potion are already available so you can get your Halloween fix early. So starting with the newbies to the lineup.

DAVIDsTEA Deep Purple Tea (Halloween 2019) *NEW*

DAVIDsTEA Deep Purple Tea Halloween 2019 Collection

Add a little magic to Halloween with butterfly pea flower. DAVIDsTEA Deep Purple has a Kenyan Purple tea base, Butterfly Pea Flower (yes, the same stuff that makes Magic Potion change colour) with a zippy flavour from Lemon Myrtle and Blueberries. This one is limited edition and if others are as excited as me about it, will likely be popular so shop early. It is $9.98 for 50g and available in store and online.

DAVIDsTEA Monster Mash Tea (Halloween 2019) *Returning-ish*

DAVIDsTEA Monster Mash Tea Halloween 2019 Collection

Did someone say SPRINKLES? Monster Mash from DAVIDsTEA is a semi returning tea. It seems to have had quite the makeover this year (check out the old one here with no spinkles). It is still a warming cinnamon rooibos base but is now filled with witches hats and moons. Priced at $8.98 for 50g, you can even share this caffeine free blend with your little Halloween ghouls and goblins.

DAVIDsTEA Forbidden Root Tea (Halloween 2019) *NEW*

DAVIDsTEA Forbidden Root Tea Halloween 2019 Collection

Reminiscent of a witch throwing things her cauldron, DAVIDsTEA Forbidden Root is filled with interesting ingredients. This is probably going to be one of those love it or hate it teas. A rooibos base with a nutty blend of burdock, dandelion, licorice and chicory root. The ingredients have cleansing properties, so perfect for after you indulge in all that leftover Halloween candy! $9.98 for 50g, this is limited edition and available online and in stores.

DAVIDsTEA Eye of Newt Tea (Halloween 2019) *NEW*

DAVIDsTEA Eye of Newt Halloween 2019 Collection

If not for the name, this could be part of the wellness collection. DAVIDsTEA Eye of Newt has a sweet herbaceous and nutty flavour.  This Chinese adaptogen was traditionally used to manage stress, boost memory, endurance and metabolism. This makes it a must while transitioning from Halloween fun to holiday mayhem. For those who love their local Tea Guides, you can only get this online and is priced at $12.98 per 50g.

DAVIDsTEA Stormy Night Tea (Halloween 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Stormy Night Tea Halloween 2019 Collection

Oh Stormy Night, you delicious blend of spice and chocolate. While part of the Halloween collection, DAVIDsTEA Stormy Night is already available online and it doesn’t appear to have changed formula for this collection although there is an updated image so may differ slightly? It is one of the few teas with coconut that I really enjoy. Spicy and smooth, try it as a latte which gives it a silkier taste and rounds out the spices.

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Tea (Halloween 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Magic Potion Tea Halloween 2019 Collection

I don’t know if it is just the novelty of the butterfly pea flower or the fact I love lemon so add a lot, but I love Magic Potion. It is the same blend as before and already available but since it is part of the Halloween collection, will likely have a special tin or be included in a set if you love the themed packaging. Perfect for after a Halloween meal, the lemon is cleansing while your guests will love the magic of the colour change.

And now that you have read all the way to the bottom, the Halloween colour changing mug!

DAVIDsTEA Halloween 2019 Colour Changing Mug

DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection Mug 2019


I enjoy the Halloween collections. I still have my “coffin” from the DAVIDsTEA 2016 Halloween collection that I pull out around now to use as a stand for my bags of tea. Plus, they have adorable mugs for Halloween and I don’t worry about them flaking as much since they only get used for a few weeks.  The 2019 Halloween colour changing mug is black with a bunch of Halloween themed images based on tarot cards. The colour change is a secret so be sure to check out this collection when it drops on September 30th to see the change.

Photos (c) DAVIDsTEA, used with permission

A sneak peek of the DAVIDsTEA Halloween collection including new teas Deep Purple, Forbidden Root, Eye of Newt, Reimagined Monster Mash & Halloween mug!

A sneak peek of the DAVIDsTEA Halloween collection including new teas Deep Purple, Forbidden Root, Eye of Newt, Reimagined Monster Mash & Halloween mug!

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