DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Covered Almond Tea Review (10th Anniversary Tea)

DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Covered Almond Tea Review

It is going to be a tea heavy week on the blog.  I have been trying out the 10th anniversary teas and DAVIDsTEA launched even more Thrive Collection yesterday!  I thought they were slowing down on the collections, not releasing new stuff weekly?  Anyway, on to DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Covered Almond Tea. This one is a […]

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Store?

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Stores - Loblaws Partnership 2018

Good news for those who are not lucky enough to live near a DAVIDsTEA store and hate paying for shipping.  DAVIDsTEA stepped into the grocery store marketplace this month!  They have partnered with Loblaws to bring sachet packs to your local grocery store.  They are already hitting shelves of select Loblaws banner stores but more […]

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Review (10th Anniversary Tea)

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Latte Review

I have whined at DAVIDsTEA about Cookie Dough being discontinued a fair bit over the years.  They will bring back and old tea and I am all “what about Cookie Dough?” instead of just enjoying the tea.  So I was super happy when I saw it included in the 10th Anniversary collection.  DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough […]

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Collection Sneak Peeks

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks

I will admit that I have not been that excited about DAVIDsTEA collections this year.  Part of this is just that I had so much and had to sip down and was on a low buy.  But that meant that it had to get me really excited to buy which few teas did.  This collection […]

Redeeming Your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards

Redeeming DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards FAQ

With the changing board at DAVIDsTEA we may see changes to their Frequent Steeper program, but in the mean time, it is almost redemption time.  Each quarter, you can redeem your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper points.  They usually show as rewards around the 4th of the month following the earning quarter and are valid for 60 […]

DAVIDsTEA White Cranberry Bark Tea Review & White Chocolate Cranberry Bark Recipe

DAVIDsTEA White Cranberry Bark Tea Review & White Chocolate Cranberry Bark Recipe

Another of the recent winter/holiday collection from DAVIDsTEA.  White Cranberry Bark sounds delicious and I was hoping for a little more creamy taste.  Perhaps because I just had a sample and only three of the little chocolate stars in it?  So might be creamier if you buy in larger quantities. “Hooked on that decadent white […]

DAVIDsTEA Caramel Shortbread Tea Review (Holiday Tea 2017)

DAVIDsTEA Caramel Shortbread Tea Review - Holiday 2017 Tea Davids Tea

Review of the new DAVIDsTEA winter/holiday collection coming up.  Starting with the one I was most looking forward to, Caramel Shortbread.  The loose tea smells a bit too fruity, but definitely the aroma of a caramel shortbread in there.  Reviews on the teas in this collection seem hit and miss, you either love them, hate […]

DIY Tea Advent Calendar – Where To Buy Tea Samples in Canada

DIY Tea Advent Calendar Canada - Where To Buy Tea Samples Canada - Advent Calendar Kits

While the Advent Calendars offered by DAVIDsTea and others are tempting, many of us have tried most of the teas in them.  Or we don’t want to spend that much.  If you are looking for a DIY Advent Calendar, you can make one just by using up samples you have at home.  If you are […]

A Sneak Peek of the Winter 2017 Teas From DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA Winter 2017 Teas - Whats New David's Tea November 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas tea season!  Shortly before a new collection becomes available from DAVIDsTEA, we often see them in the sample section with online orders.  Today, five new teas showed up in the sample section that are likely winter teas and tea of the months over the coming months. They […]