DAVIDsTEA Mood Booster Collection (Fall 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Moodboosters - Healthy Fall Teas For Cold and Flu Season

DAVIDsTEA Mood Boosters - Healthy Fall Teas For Cold and Flu Season

With cooler weather already here, cold and flu season is just around the corner. Where did this year go? DAVIDsTEA has some exciting collections out for fall but there is one tea I can’t wait to try. It is from the Mood Boosters collection launching on October 14th. The collection includes two new wellness teas as well as three existing ones. They are designed with the colder weather in mind, everything from ginger to Vitamin C will help you through the winter months.

DAVIDsTEA Headache Halo Tea (Mood Boosters Fall 2019) *NEW*

DAVIDsTEA Headache Halo Tea Fall 2019 - Mood Boosters Collection

I cannot tell you how excited I am to try this. I am down to a few cups of my fave tea for headaches and it has been discontinued. DAVIDsTEA Headache Halo is a heavenly blend of pain soothing willow bark, calming passionflower, cooling nana mint and relaxing lavender. As much as I do find a straight mint blend helps with headaches, too much upsets my stomach so this blend sounds amazing. It has a caffeine free rooibos base and is priced at $8.98 for 50g. Sadly, this one is limited edition. Hopefully it is popular (and tastes good) and they bring it back as a core tea.

DAVIDsTEA Ginger Crystals (Mood Boosters Fall 2019) *NEW*

DAVIDsTEA Ginger Crystals Tea Fall 2019 - Mood Boosters Collection

Ginger is known for many health benefits but it is especially great for nausea. With not one but three kinds of ginger and some lemongrass, DAVIDsTEA Ginger Crystals is a must try for a natural remedy to motion sickness or upset stomachs. I am not a fan of straight ginger but lemongrass usually has a pretty strong flavour so may balance it? Ginger Crystals is also limited edition and priced at $8.98 for 50g.

Joining the two new teas in the Mood Boosters lineup are three cold and flu season staples.

DAVIDsTEA Sunny C (Mood Boosters Fall 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Sunny C Tea Fall 2019

This dose of citrus screams summer to me, but Vitamin C can help you stay healthy through the colder months. A caffeine free fruit infusion, DAVIDsTEA Sunny C is packed with orange and carrot plus apple and pineapple for some sweetness. Already available from DAVIDsTEA, you don’t need to wait until October 14th to try this one.

DAVIDsTEA Cold 911 (Mood Boosters Fall 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Cold 911 Tea Fall 2019 - Mood Boosters Collection

I first tried DAVIDsTEA Cold 911 in the Cold & Sick Day Care Package back in 2015 and it has been a staple since. A base of peppermint with apple, juniper berries plus natural eucalyptus and orange flavours round out this winter must have. But while it sounds the same, the Mood Boosters version has more eucalyptus to make it extra soothing.

DAVIDsTEA Throat Rescue (Mood Boosters Fall 2019)

DAVIDsTEA Throat Rescue Tea Fall 2019 - Mood Boosters Collection

Rounding out the collection is DAVIDsTEA Throat Rescue. Not sure if this one is getting a makeover for the release, but I don’t see cardamom pods in the updated image. It promises a mix of sweet licorice root, fresh mint and cinnamon.

All five of the Mood Booster teas are caffeine free, sold at $8.98 per 50g and doesn’t look like any are online only. Great for people like me who like to stop by a local store and not wait for shipping.

Want to get a head start on trying health focused teas? The Wellness Collection is already available and you can try the new limited edition Echinacea Shield, Bed of Roses and Peachy Clean in stores or online now.

DAVIDsTEA Mood Boosters Collection - Healthy Fall Teas For Cold and Flu Season - DAVIDsTEA Headache Halo and Ginger Crystals


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