Thermal Nails with Makartt Stiletto Fake Nails

Makartt Stiletto Nail Tips from Amazon Review Canada Swatches

Cheating a little on this week’s #CBBxManiMonday as it is not so much of nail art as just using polish I wouldn’t usually use.  My nails never grow very long, between medication and naturally thin nails, they break easily when long.  So I rarely use thermal polishes as you don’t get much of a change […]

Avon Gel Finish Roses are Red Nail Polish Swatches

Avon Gel Finish Roses are Red Swatches Review 2

This month, we are doing Nails We Wouldn’t Normally Do for #CBBxManiMonday.  Quite an open theme so expect some interesting manis over the month.  One of the things I rarely wear is red polish.  Some of it is just that it always looks too bright against my skin tone.  It is hard to find a red […]

Nails Inspired by Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint Hand Soap

Snowflake Nails inspired by Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint Hand Soap

Another #CBBxManiMonday! This week, my holiday themed nails are snowflakes.  Inspired by the design on my bottle of Live Clean Vanilla Peppermint hand soap, they have light green, silver and blue snowflakes on a white base. This is the hand soap I have been using between swatches so it seemed right to do nails inspired […]

Cozy Brown Sweater Nails

Sweater Nails with Alter Ego Clever Girl Swatch

Another #CBBxManiMonday.  This month, we are doing festive nails but inspired by Trysh, I went for cozy sweater nails this week.  Not exactly festive but the colder weather in December screams for cute sweaters.  I did a base of Alter Ego Clever Girl.  It is a metallic chocolate brown with a silvery chrome base that […]

In Hindsight, The Glitter Was A Mistake

Holly and Deer Christmas Manicure CBBxManiMonday Swatches

I seem to be in a bit of a rut with my nails.  I think something will look cute but the execution just isn’t there.  Plus, being injured, I can’t sit for long periods to do them so that wipes out some ideas.  Not sure what I expected this holiday themed mani to look like […]

Fall Leaves Nail Art for #CBBxManiMonday

Leaves Smoosh Mani with Paint it Pretty Holiday Metallics Collection

Just another #ManiMonday… this time, we are doing leaves as a prompt.  We all had very different interpretations of this prompt, so be sure to head over to how Cosmetic Proof, Prairie Beauty Love and See the World in Pink did with this challenge. My polishes were a base of Holly to my Berry by Paint it Pretty Polish (red) Candy […]

Remembrance Day Nails with BPY40 Waterslide Decals

Remembrance Day Nail Art Poppy Nail Decals BPY40 flower waterslide decals

With Remembrance Day yesterday, we choose poppy themed nails for #CBBxManiMonday this week.  So these are the nails I had all weekend.  The base is white stamping polish as my bottle of regular white polish suddenly dried up.  Topped with poppy themed waterslide decals from the Born Pretty Store BPY40 set and My Indie Polish […]

Halloween Nails with Alter Ego Silver Lining

Halloween Nails - Alter Ego Silver Lining - Hit the Bottle Black - My Indie Polish My Perfect Matte

Week three of #CBBxManiMonday Halloween nails!  This week, I was inspired by Trysh’s silver and black nails from last week.  Keeping it indie with the polishes this week again since it is Indie Month at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers. Base: Alter Ego Silver Lining (Fan Faves Collection) Stamping Polish: Hit the Bottle As Black as […]

Beyond the Nail Hallo-Scream Halloween Nail Art

Beyond the Nail Hallo-Scream Halloween Nail Art

A late #CBBxManiMonday as our internet has been out for hours.  Since it is Indie Month at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers, I decided to use two Canadian indie nail polish brands for my look.  This week I used Beyond The Nail Hallo-Scream as my base with My Indie Polish Liquid Chrome stamped over.  The stamping […]