My Indie Polish Neon Collection Swatches

For #CBBxManiMonday, we are doing colour combos. I went for something I don’t usually do and tried some neon polishes from My Indie Polish. Neon Pink and Neon Green are part of their core collection but Radioactive (Neon Yellow) is new and very limited edition. I paired each with a simple colour stamped over to […]

Ms Sparkle Gelato Por Favor Swatches

MsSparkle Gelato Por Favor Swatches

I am back with swatches and many (overdue) posts to come in the coming weeks. Starting with a #CBBxManiMonday post. This month, we are doing glitter polishes and I have this pretty green with gold glitter. Ms. Sparkle Gelato, Por Favor! is from the 2 Eivissa collection. It looks much greener in the bottle but […]

Essie Fondant of You

Essie Fondant of You Nail Art

For June, we are going bright for #CBBxManiMonday. I had planned to use this gorgeous coral with a bright green in a gradient. But Daisy decided that my makeup sponges are cat toys so that didn’t work out. The base colour is from the Essie Fondant of You from the summer 2017 collection. This is two […]

Simple Floral Nails with BPL-029 Stamping

Floral Nails with Alter Ego Women Inherit the World

I am very late to the #CBBxManiMonday party this week. I didn’t want to remove my manicure for a meeting so kept it very work appropriate with a base of Alter Ego Women Inherit the World with some simple white floral stamping. Women Inherit the World is a peachy pink toned metallic with silver base […]

Floral Nails with BZ016 Decals

BZ016 Floral Nails CBBxManiMonday 3

It is another Mani Monday! This month, we are doing floral nails for #CBBxManiMonday and since the Beautube drama took up the weekend and I left my nails until this morning once again, I went for decals. I am really not sure where I got these BZ016 decals, probably AliExpress or Born Pretty since they […]

Rose Stamping with Turtle Tootsie Polishes A Rose Is A Rose

Turtle Tootsie A Rose is a Rose - BPL024 - Rose Stamping 1

This month for #CBBxManiMonday, we are doing floral nails.  I have wanted to try this image from BP-L024 for a while so it seemed like a great idea to pair it with Turtle Tootsie Polishes A Rose Is A Rose.  It is a dusty rose pink with scattered holo and a few flakes of holo […]

Earth Month Nails

Earth Month Nails - Alter Ego Hold Onto Your Butts BP124 Swatches

Each month, we choose a theme for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers to focus on.  This month, we chose Earth Day.  Bloggers featured green brands and looks through the month.  While we were all about Easter for a while, we didn’t want to miss out for #CBBxManiMonday so today, Cosmetic Proof, Prairie Beauty Love and See the World in Pink and […]

Mini Eggs Easter Nail Art

Mini Eggs Nail Art CBBxManiMonday Easter Nail Art with Turtle Tootsie Pet Peeves

My #CBBxManiMonday nails this week are just a excuse to munch on a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs over the weekend!  We are doing Easter nails this week and I always get myself a bag of Mini Eggs for Easter, so makes sense that my nails should match. Polishes used are all from the Turtle […]