In Hindsight, The Glitter Was A Mistake

Holly and Deer Christmas Manicure CBBxManiMonday Swatches

I seem to be in a bit of a rut with my nails.  I think something will look cute but the execution just isn’t there.  Plus, being injured, I can’t sit for long periods to do them so that wipes out some ideas.  Not sure what I expected this holiday themed mani to look like but I don’t love it and the red glitter was definitely a mistake.  I should have just gone with dotting on red stamping polish for the berries but I wanted it to sparkle for a CBB theme.

Holly and Deer Christmas Manicure CBBxManiMonday Closeup

  • Base: Paint it Pretty Berry Beauties 54B (a one of a kind/overpour polish)
  • Hit the Bottle Black as Night stamping polish
  • Green: Paint it Pretty Berry Beauties 211
  • Red hex glitter from Born Pretty Store
  • Deer stamping plate: Born Pretty Celebration BPXL008
  • Holly stamping plate: MoYou London Festive 06

Holly and Deer Christmas Manicure CBBxManiMonday SQ

That damn hex glitter.  I waited an hour after placing it to do top coat and it still moved despite dotting on polish for it to stick to.  This is why I hate glitter!  Also, I have found it on two of the cats since!

Holly and Deer Christmas Manicure CBBxManiMonday Matte SQ

I topped it with matte top coat later to see how it looked.  Base is three coats of the gorgeous champagne gold.  Not sure if this is an overpour, a polish Sherri was thinking of making or just a ooops but I love the tone of it.  I hate overly yellow golds.  Top coat is, as always, My Indie Polish My Perfect Matte.

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