Happy First Birthday Izzy

Today’s Wordless Wednesday’s post was an easy choice because Izzy, our youngest cat, turns one tomorrow.  Izzy was a birthday present from my partner last year, on the Friday after my birthday, he took me to the foster home to pick between two litters of three kittens.  He had told them I would likely go […]

How To Feed Cats – The Real Way (Infographic)

My cats are pretty fussy when it comes to eating and their wet food feeding routine is fairly amusing to my friends How to feed cats – the real way: Bear starts whining because it is 5 minutes later than they usually get fed and he is starvvvvviiingggg Find their bowls which they have likely […]

Da Bird Cat Toy – Best Toy For A Lazy Cat

Like many indoor cats, our cats are lazy.  The have so many cat toys, many of them expensive and untouched, but the Da Bird will always be their favourite.  One of mine likes catnip toys but he will just lay there bunny kicking it, not quite  the exercise my little chubster needs so I was […]

Temptations Mix Ups: My Cats’ New Favourite Treats

My cats are a little (ok more than a little) spoiled, usually they get Pure Snacks freeze dried chicken as a treat but every so often we give in and let them have some junk food.  The problem is that with the exception of freeze dried chicken, they don’t like the same treats so I […]