Avon Cat Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Avon Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - Avon Cat Products - Christmas 2016

It is November and that means time to start shopping for Christmas gifts.  I have a number of holiday gift guides coming up soon to help you choose the perfect gift.  Since it is Caturday and ordering from Avon means a little waiting time for your order date and delivery, I thought I would start with some of my picks from their cat products.  While Avon is known for beauty, they have some amazing pet products, especially at this time of year.  Here are my top choices for cat lovers and their pampered felines.

Avon Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Lovers - Avon Cat Products - Christmas 2016

In general, my cats will prefer the boxes things come in rather than actual toys.  They can be fussy too.  So many beds, condos and toys have gone unused while the most random things are their favourites.  Izzy has had a milk carton pull thing for over a year.  It is chewed and nasty and I have tried to give her ones from new cartons but no interest, has to be that nasty old one.  Cats are fussy so finding something they love is always great.  I tried out a few to see if they would like them.  Since pampered pets tend to have owners who love them, there are some choices for people too.

Avon Plush Cat Bed

Avon Canada Plush Pet Bed Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Pets

Avon Plush Cat Bed – $24.99

It is hard to find a bed they love.  We have some that they used for a week then just sat there and ended up at a local rescue where they can get some use.  Quincy is a large cat and is all about the “If I fits I sits” mantra of many cats – when they don’t fit.  I tend not to buy pet beds online as a result as some would barely fit a kitten. Speaking of kittens, is it just me or does the one in this picture need a lot more sleep?  He looks like someone woke him up and he is going to cry.  So cute.

Avon Cat Bed - Jazz Woke Up

Jazz completely agrees with the Avon kitten and was less than impressed with my attempt to snap a picture.  I mean cats need their beauty sleep, right?

Avon Canada Plush Pet Bed Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Pets - Izzy using bed

Avon’s plush cat bed is deep at 31cm and even wider in diameter so even Quincy fits comfortably while little Izzy can hide it in when her bratty brothers are running around like crazy and she wan’t nothing to do with it.  She seems to prefer it more as a cave on its side than a bed but that is cats for you.

Avon Cat Scratch Board

Avon Canada Cat Scratch Toy Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Pets

Avon Cat Scratch Board – $9.99

In general, these are the one toy I can rely on for my cats.  They are good about using their scratching posts and toys rather than the furniture and with the exception of that as seen on TV hard scratcher, love this style of scratching board.  It is 38cm in length, so suitable for larger cats too and has held up well to a week or so of them all using it.

Avon Cat scratch Board Toy in use - Jazz Bear Fighting

The only problem with the Avon Cat Scratch Board is that I only bought one and my sweet Quincy Bear doesn’t want to share.  Especially not with the little brat (who eventually won that battle for it when Quincy was distracted with food).  Quincy is still winning the war though and is sitting on it as I type this.  Unlike some of the cheaper scratch boards, this one has not left a trail of cardboard dust and scratched off pieces around the house too.

Avon Steel Cat Bowl Set With Fitted Mat

Avon Canada Fish Shaped Pet Bowls with Holder Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Pets

Avon Cat Bowl Set with Silicone Mat – $24.99

Speaking of Quincy’s appetite, they have these adorable cat food bowl sets.  We don’t use these for water since we have a couple of pet fountains for them but fill both with food.  Jazzy is a messy eater, absolutely no manners.  Food gets dropped on the floor around the bowls and the bowls get pushed to the other side of the room – or the middle of the hall for you to trip over in the dark.  These have a silicone mat to keep the bowls in place with a small lip to cut down on the mess.  The bowls remove easily from the mat for easy cleaning.  Plus metal bowls are better for your cat than plastic ones so great to see stainless steel bowls in this set.

Avon You Had Me At Meow Cat Lover’s Mug

Avon You Had Me At Meow Woof Mugs - Cat lovers Mug - Holiday Gift Guide

Avon You Had Me At Meow Travel Mug – $14.99

I have spoken of my love for this ceramic cat lover’s mug before.  I use it all the time.  It says “You Had Me At Meow” with the same saying in French on the other side of the mug.  It holds 20oz because who wants a tiny travel cup on a cold winter morning?  Plus after a fair bit of use, the travel lid is still spill-proof.

Other Top Cat Lover Picks From Avon

  • Fluffy deserves a stocking!  Mine all have one but Avon has some cute paw print design ones for just $12.99 with an area to personalize it with their name.
  • Wooden pet ornaments so your tree can have a pet theme before they pull it down and try to eat the decorations.  Just $4.99 each on a ribbon that can also become a cat toy!
  • Seasonal pet bowls with a red and green design for their Christmas dinner – just $8.99.
  • Cat brush with stainless steel bristles just $7.99.  Great for cutting down on the loose fur before guests arrive and sit on your cat fur covered sofa!

You can view the latest pet catalogue from Avon here to get the details on these items and more.  As always, order from your local Avon representative or online at Avon.caDisclosure Press Samples

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