Happy Birthday Roo!

Roo Summer 2017

Roo Summer 2017

Roo turns 7 today, as far as we can guess at least.  I thought I would share some of my favourite baby kitten photos of him.  For those who do not know, Roo was a hand feeder kitten.  He was found without his mom in a dumpster.  So he needed to be bottle fed and all the other stuff momma cats do for their babies.  Thankfully the cats helped out but having him with me at work each day and feeding him means we have a closer bond than I do with the other cats.  He rarely leaves my side and is a huge snuggler.

Roo as a tiny kitten

When he was first found, with barely open eyes and hardly any ears!

Roo as a baby kitten

In his baby kitten crate on a GO Train (and a huge thank you to the GO bus driver who ran into their little break area at Union on a few occasions to heat up his bottle for me!).  Since he needed to be fed every few hours, he came to work with me.  When he was really small, he sat in a Timmies cup on my desk!  I would stick him in a pocket he was so small and people started calling him “the Roo” as a result – it stuck.

Roo Bottle Feeding Baby Kitten

Bottle feeding a kitten with tiny claws!  Kitten milk is expensive should you ever think of bottle feeding one.  One of the nice things about bottle feeding him at work was the novelty, I always had a line of people wanting to take care of him for a few hours.

Roo eating bread

Roo is a bit of a carb junkie to this day.  He really really wanted bread so one day when left at home since my boyfriend had a day off, I get sent this photo.  Now, he prefers potato chips to bread but he will bite your hand off for some mashed potatoes.

Izzy and Roo

Obviously not a kitten here, but he adored Izzy when we first brought her home.  They always slept together.  When we got Jazz, she became closer to him and Roo was left independent again (and back to snuggling me).

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