Davids Tea Back From The Dead Reviews

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - Back From The Dead Halloween Coffin Teas 2016 Swampwater, Stormy Night, Maple Sugar

As I mentioned last week, DavidsTea brought three teas back from the dead this year for Halloween.  The Back from the Dead teas are usually seasonal teas that were well loved.  Since two of the included teas are only available online, I imagine that the coffin displays will sell out quickly.  So you want to pick one up soon.  The DavidsTea Back from the Dead coffin includes Maple Sugar, Stormy Night and Swampwater.  Full ingredients and steeping instructions for these teas can[Read more]

DavidsTea Halloween Teas – Back From The Dead Collection & Witch’s Brew

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - 2016 Back From The Dead Halloween Coffin Teas - Swampwater, Stormy Night, Maple Sugar

You can tell when a DavidsTea collection is going to be popular because there is a lineup at the door before the store opens on release day and today was one of those days as people went mad for the Halloween collection.  I felt sorry for the lone Tea Guide in the store.  The DavidsTea Halloween release includes several teas, a colour changing mug, a Halloween themed travel mug and accessories including a bat themed infuser and halloween themed storage tins.[Read more]

Tetley Ayurvedic Balance in Cool, Poise and Vigour Reviews

Tetley Ayurvedic Balance - Cool Poise and Vigour in Avon Copper Cup

I recently had the chance to try out samples of the new Tetley Ayurvedic teas.  Siince not everyone wants to go to DavidsTea or other teas not available in the grocery store, I thought I would take a break from loose leaf to review some more widely available teas.  I tried out Tetley Ayurvedic Balance in Cool, Poise and Vigour.  All of these teas come in round tea bag format and I opened up a tea bag to have a look at[Read more]

5 Animal Lover Mugs You Need In Your Collection

Five Animal Themed Mugs You Need In Your Collection

As a tea lover, I have various cups, infusers and more that I like for different teas.  Some that keep it warm for longer, colour changing, seemingly bottomless and more.  But animal themed mugs, especially cat mugs, steal my heart every time.  Here are five currently available animal themed mugs you need to add to your collection. DavidsTea always has cute mugs and know that they have a large cat loving fan base as this is not the first cat mug[Read more]

Mr Kettle Tea Chocolate Mint Rooibos & Mrs. Pot’s Apple Pie

Mr Kettle Chocolate Mint Rooibos Tea - Packaging - Hamilton Farmers Market

While shopping at my local farmers market, I noticed a new stall with tea!  Of course, I had to stop and check out the various tins of teas that Mr Kettle Gourmet Teas & Treats had to offer.  They had quite a variety of teas and the stallholder was happy to recommend teas based on our likes and let me take a sniff of everything!  I settled on trying the Chocolate Mint Rooibos and got a sample pack of Mrs.[Read more]