DAVIDsTEA Juicy Orange Tea

Davids Tea Juicy Orange Bag Loose Tea

Davids Tea Juicy Orange Bag Loose Tea

I have wanted to try DAVIDsTEA Juicy Orange tea since I saw it in the Chick Advisor boxes with the brightening Garnier lotion.  I received Blueberry Jam in my box but this looked so delicious that I picked up some to try.  So not one of my use up my stash teas which means it was also really fresh.

DAVIDsTEA Juicy Orange is a pu’erh tea with black tea, orange pieces and peel, hibiscus, blackberry leaf, safflower and natural tangerine and orange flavouring that can be served hot or iced.

Davids Tea Juicy Orange Bag Loose

DAVIDsTEA Juicy Orange Steeping Instructions

Brew a perfect teaspoon of Juicy Orange tea with 16oz of near boiling water for 4 to 7 minutes.  For iced, brew 2 perfect spoons with 10oz of water and add ice to fill.

Davids Tea Juicy Orange Spoon loose

As soon as you open the bag, the scent of fresh orange wafts out and it smells absolutely delicious.  Sadly, the orange is not as strong in the actual tea and despite the natural flavourings, it tastes a bit artificial and is surprisingly sweet despite no sweeteners added by me.  The hibiscus which would usually make it tart with the orange seems there in colouring but not much flavour (a good thing for the man of us who think there is way too much hibiscus in teas).

I think it may make a great tea soda with the not overpowering orange taste.  Maybe the scent spoiled it for me as I was expecting it to taste like orange juice or a fresh orange because the loose is so strong smelling.  The earthy-ness of the pu’erh doesn’t seem very present either, more like a regular orange flavoured black tea.

Have you tried this one?  What did you think?

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  1. Well that’s seems disappointing for you not enjoying the tea. I just started learning about loose tea and I have found some fruit not as strong in tea and can be disappointed. The pictures look great

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