DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade Review

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Iced Tea Review

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Bag Loose

Add a little zip to your iced tea with DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade, a tangy maté tea perfect hot or cold.  With the bold, tangy flavours of lemon, currants and berries, it’s tart, fruity and anything but shy. And with an added boost from a big hit of yerba mate, it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling energized, uplifted and ready for anything. Looks like your childhood lemonade stand just got a grown-up twist.

Lemonade in England is completely different to over here, and we prefer our cuppas hot so less iced tea when I was growing up, so no memories of childhood for me on this one, but he says it reminds him of being a kid and coming in for a drink on a hot summer day.

DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Apple, green maté, apple pomace (pomace, citric acid), sweet blackberry leaves, blueberry, red currants, raspberry, strawberry, natural red currant, lemon and strawberry flavouring.

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Spoon

Add 1-2 perfect spoons of loose Electric Lemonade per 16oz for hot or 10oz for cold.  Steep for 4-7 minutes.  I usually steep iced tea for quite a while to let them get the full flavour once diluted by ice.  Personally, I used a closer to 3 perfect spoons to make this really tangy and stronger tasting for an iced tea.

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Iced Tea

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Iced Tea

Since this one is called lemonade, I had to drink it iced.  As a tea drinker who rarely drinks coffee, I really felt the caffeine boost from this maté and love the mix of tangy lemon with the sweetness of berries.  It gives it that added sweetness without the calories (or even worse, chemicals) from a sweetener.

Despite being the first ingredient and noticeable in the loose leaf, the apple is not the main flavour.  You do get a little lingering taste of it, but its a background flavour.  The berry isn’t completely noticeable either, but adds a nice sweetness to the lemon.  I was expecting more colour from the berries since the DAVIDsTEA page for Electric Lemonade shows a pink background, but it is “normal tea” looking.

Definitely going to be a summer staple!  Have you tried Electric Lemonade?

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  1. This sounds like the perfect summer drink!

  2. […] Favourite cold tea?  Depends on the day, sometimes I just mix a couple, but anything citrussy from DavidsTea would be my go to.  At the moment I am all about Electric Lemonade. […]

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