DAVIDsTEA Movie Night Green Tea

Davids Tea Movie Night Tea Review Bag

Davids Tea Movie Night Tea Review Bag

You know that smell when you walk into a movie theatre?  The popcorn, candy and years of movie goers just fills the space as soon as you walk in.  Even at my local mall which has an older Landmark Cinema upstairs, the smell of popcorn as you walk by the entrance is crazy!  Now you can get that in a cup with Davids Tea Movie Night.

This popcorn tea is better than the real thing. First of all, it has no calories. Second of all, it’s sweetened with maple and apple. Third of all, it has green tea, which studies (well, ok, experience) say is the ideal brew for keeping you quietly alert throughout a late-night flick. Great for thrillers, dramas, westerns or comedies. Drink it at home or smuggle it into the theatre.

Davids Tea Movie Night Tea Review 2

My small bag only had two pieces of popcorn in it, one for each mug of tea yet the taste of popcorn definitely comes through in the tea.  It has none of the grassy taste associated with some green teas but there is not a huge amount of tea leaves in the mix.  While it has a sweet aftertaste, is not overly sweet.  I find that apple overpowers the other ingredients in many teas, but this is not the case in Movie Night.

Davids Tea Movie Night Tea Review Brewed

DAVIDsTEA Movie Night Steeping Instructions

Movie Night is made with only apple, green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring.  Steep 1.25 tsp per 8oz at 85°C / 185°F for 3-4 minutes.  At three minutes, I found it to be the perfect mix of caramely popcorn but steeped too long and the apple really comes through, so play with steeping time until you get your perfect mix of popcorn, apple and maple sweetness.

I didn’t think I would actually like this.  I like popcorn (plain, salt and vinegar but rarely candied/buttered and especially not with apple) and I was also suspicious of the two kernels of popcorn, I thought it may be too much like apple and maple which sounds weird.  But it works.  The bag of loose tea smells very sweet, like standing between the cotton candy and popcorn stands at a fair but once brewed, it has that movie theatre smell of a concession stand (without the hot dogs that have been sitting there for hours).

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  1. This sounds like an interesting tea, I’ll have to smell it next time I go to DT!

    1. It is one of those ‘I am not sure if it is just gimmicky’ teas. I actually liked it more than he did, he said his cup was more maple & apple tasting though

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