DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake Review

Davidstea Birthday Cake Tea Spoon

Davidstea Birthday Cake Tea Spoon

I recently guest posted listing some of my favourite teas for spring over at Up The Rollercoaster.  While Birthday Cake doesn’t seem like the most spring themed tea, sometimes you need to satisfy that sweet tooth and stay bikini ready.  A cup of tea that tastes like vanilla cake with ice cream and sprinkles can help you fix that craving without the calories.

Davidstea Birthday Cake Tea Latte Sprinkles

For me, David’s Tea Birthday Cake tea is best served as a latte.  The foamy smooth milk gives you that creamy taste of icing on a cake (ok not really, but it is more satisfying that just a cup of tea and you can add more sprinkles to make it pretty).  Not too many sprinkles though, they melt the foamed milk in lattes!

Not sure how to make a tea latte at home? Find out here.

Davidstea Birthday Cake

Even DavidsTea agrees that it is a spring tea, so much so that it was included in their Easter collection this year in cute little eggs that you can use to carry small amounts of tea.

DavidsTea Birthday Cake Ingredients

Meant to taste like cake and ice cream, David’s Tea Birthday Cake tea is made with a sweet Rooibos tea and sprinkles!!  Since it has only 10 calories per cup (before the milk for latte obviously) it brings the taste of birthday cake to your cup any day of the year so why wait for your birthday?

Red and green rooibos, honeybush, sprinkles (sugar, corn starch, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, dextrin, confectioner’s glaze, natural and artificial flavouring, carnauba wax, Yellow 5 lake, Blue 1 Lake, Red 40 Lake, Red 3, Blue 1,

Davidstea Birthday Cake Tea

DavidsTea Birthday Cake Steeping Instructions

  • 1.25 tsp per cup (for a latte you want to double this to make up for the milk added)
  • Steep at 96°C/204°F for 4-7 minutes

As soon as you open the pack of Birthday Cake, the vanilla smell will fill the room.  He can always tell when I am making a cup of it.  For someone who is not a big tea drinker, Birthday Cake lattes are the one tea I know my boyfriend will never turn down!


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4 Replies to “DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake Review”

  1. It looks so bright and beautiful! I haven’t tried this one yet but it has been on my list for a while. I was worried it might be to sweet but the idea of making it a tea latte sounds yummy.

    1. It is fairly sweet, I will only drink it occasionally but my other half (who pours sugar into everything) loves it. Not as sickly sweet as chocolate macaroon though

  2. Your latte looks delicious! What do you use to froth the milk? I haven’t tried this tea yet, I’ve been leaning to more green teas lately!

    1. One of those hand held milk frothers (they sell them for $3 at Dollarama) then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to set the foam, then pour it on top of your tea (or coffee, hot chocolate etc)

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