Paint it Pretty Polish Healing Quartz Swatches

Paint it Pretty Polish Healing Quartz - Nov 2019 PotM - Swatches 1

Each month, Paint it Pretty releases a polish of the month. Like last month, the November polish is based on birthstones with citrine tones of brown and yellow. Paint it Pretty Healing Quartz  is a yellow/orange/gold flakie topper with a hint of red/gold/green aurora shimmer and a pinch of holo microflakes. It can be worn as […]

Alter Ego Moe & Dave Swatches (Makers Dozen Nov 2019)

Alter Ego Moe and Dave Makers Dozen Nov 2019 Swatches

Another Makers Dozen offering from Alter Ego. This month, they are doing wine label and Cynthia was given the colour purple. Alter Ego Moe & Dave is based on the wine label from Mogen David. As always, there will be 40 bottles available while supplies last. Full size bottles are $10 US and minis are […]

Alter Ego Make a Banshee Blush (Polish Pickup November 2019)

Alter Ego - make a Banshee Blush (2)

I am super excited about the upcoming Polish Pickup because I helped choose the inspiration for Alter Ego’s polish. Make a Banshee Blush is a silver polish that glows pink in the dark. As kids, my family would often call us a pack of banshees when if we were noisy or crying.  Sometimes with expletives […]

Paint it Pretty Polish Light in the Dark Swatches

Paint it Pretty Polish Light in the Dark Swatches

Each month, Paint it Pretty Polish releases a polish of the month. This one was actually a custom requested by Streets Ahead Style that she agreed to have available to others. Light in the Dark is an opal finish polish with hints of tourmaline colouring to represent both October birthstones. It has a shifting shimmer and […]

Alter Ego Undies For Indies Duo – Up In The Trees & Autumn Glory

Alter Ego - Undies for Indies - In The Trees topped with Autumn Glory - Collage

Cynthia from Alter Ego is the latest custom maker for the Undies for Indies facebook group. Each month, they have a custom duo with an “undie” polish and a topper or polish to go over the undie that changes the look. Alter Ego went for a rich chocolate brown for “Up in the Trees” as […]

Alter Ego Alterween Swatches (Glow in the Dark)

Alter Ego Alterween Glow in the Dark Nail Polish - Bat Stamping - Light 2

I am really late on #CBBxManiMonday but it has been a crazy week. We are doing Halloween nails this month. To start off, I have some simple glow in the dark nails with black bat stamping. I used Alter Ego’s new colour of the month, Alterween. It is a neon green polish that glows yellow […]

Alter Ego Worst Prom Ever Swatches (Makers Dozen October 2019)

Alter Ego Worst Prom Ever - Carrie Inspited Makers Dozen Polish - Swatches 3

We didn’t do prom at my English school so it is very much a movie thing for me. The closest we came was a leaving dinner in our final year with no dates. Do you have a worst prom story? The Makers Dozen collab for October is doing Horror Movies for October. Each maker is […]

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 2

My Indie Polish 2019 is another one of their holographic multichromes. While Merry Christmas has a strong shift with green, gold and red, 2019 has a softer shift with a bronzed orange, coppery pink and gold shift. The holo shows a bit more in this one without sunlight. Swatches are shown with three coats and […]

Alter Ego Bozho Lake Mendota Serpent Swatches & Nail Art

Alter Ego Bohzo Lake Mendota Serpent - Polish Pickup October 2019 - Collage

From creepy or weird to just funny, Polish Pickup for October 2019 is all about Urban Legends. Alter Ego has chosen Bozho, the Lake Mendota Serpent as her Urban Legend. A US version of the Loch Ness Monster, the Bozho Serpent in Lake Mendota, WI was first reported in the 1860s. From rare sightings, pranks […]