My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 2

My Indie Polish 2019 Bottle

My Indie Polish 2019 is another one of their holographic multichromes. While Merry Christmas has a strong shift with green, gold and red, 2019 has a softer shift with a bronzed orange, coppery pink and gold shift. The holo shows a bit more in this one without sunlight. Swatches are shown with three coats and top coat.

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 1

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 2

See that gorgeous pink shift? You see it even in lower lighting conditions. In most lighting conditions, you get a deep gingery colour with pink shifts. A mentioned, the holo is a bit more noticeable than in Merry Christmas, but with less shifts in lower light. Still shifty, just not as much. I did three thin coats and while I do have a stronger nail line, I think it helps show the shifts.

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 3

My Indie Polish 2019 Swatches 4

My Indie Polish 2019 Overview

  • Coats required:  3 coats for opacity (I do have a strong visible nail line but the shift deepened with the third so it is recommended)
  • Dry time:  Decent
  • Wear time: Good (worn for 4 days on one finger for testing with no chips)
  • Issues: None
  • Colour: Metallic multichrome with orange-bronze, copper-pink and golden shifts and scattered holo
  • Buy It: Direct from My Indie Polish

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