Affordable Milk Frothers & Accessories for Tea Lattes

Best Affordable Frother for Tea Lattes Canada - How to Make Tea Lattes

Best Affordable Frother for Tea Lattes Canada - How to Make Tea Lattes

So, if you are a member of one the DAVIDsTEA fan groups, you have probably seen the amazing tea lattes people make daily.  They are not hard to make and the accessories do not have to be expensive.  Sure, some of them have $100+ milk frothers or milk steamers.  But you do not need them.  I started out with a handheld frother, have used the mason jar method (you just warm milk and shake it like crazy for a minute), bought an expensive frother that died in a year and now have an affordable model I love.  So whether it is for you, or a gift, here are some affordable milk frothers and tea latte accessories.

Any product below is available direct in Canada.  Where they are on Amazon, I went for ones with Prime shipping but if you don’t mind a potential wait time, there are cheaper options with marketplace sellers.

Choosing an Affordable Milk Frother

Cheap Milk Frothers for Tea Lattes Canada

A milk frother can cost you as little as a mason jar (even the one from spaghetti sauce if you wash it well) to $100s.  I am keeping them under $50 because I had a $89 one and honestly, my Chef Star is just as good for around $40.

If you are just starting out and not sure if you will love tea lattes, get a handheld.  This Mixpresso frother is under $15.  You still need to heat the milk to set the froth.  You can find them for less at stores like Kitchen Stuff Plus or even the IKEA one is around $5 if you live close enough to one.

If you are ready to make the jump to an electric milk frother that heats while it froths, these are a few of the ones I personally know people have and love.  The Salton one is easily found in stores and while Salton have some amazing affordable kitchen items, the milk frother is not one they excel at so I would personally skip it.

I am pretty sure that the Secura and Chef’s Star are the same thing with a different logo.  They even come with the same free cleaning brush.  The prices on them vary by week so go for whichever is cheapest when you are buying.  If you want to see more on the Chef’s Star, I reviewed it recently here.

If you are looking to splurge, the higher priced ones that people generally love are the Breville Choc & Froth or Nespresso Aeroccino.

Tea Latte Accessories You Need

Milk Frother Replacement Whisks Secura Chefs Star

Eventually, you will lose or break the little frother in your electric frother.  You need to remove them for cleaning and the middle is just plastic.  Do yourself a favour and order a pack of replacement frother heads ahead of time.  No one likes waiting without a latte!

DAVIDsTEA Steeper for tea lattes

OK, you don’t need a steeper.  But when you make a tea latte, you use 2-4x the tea in half the water.  Since most of us drink lattes from large mugs, steeper baskets don’t reach the lower water level and tea sachets don’t let the chocolatey teas that we love for lattes steep as well.  With a steeper, fill it up to the bottom of the DT logo and just pour into the cup for full flavour.

Davidstea Latte Mug

Doesn’t have to be this giant DAVIDsTEA latte mug but a large mug is recommended.  16-18 ounces gives the best tea to froth ratio when used with 1/2 cup milk in an electric frother for me.Latte Stencils for Tea Lattes

Want to make pretty lattes?  Once you start, it just snowballs.  Pick up sprinkles and more from Bulk Barn for holiday themed lattes.  These stencils are great for shaking cocoa, cinnamon etc for cute designs.

If it is a gift, finish it off with some dessert teas as they generally make great lattes.  Milk isn’t exactly giftable, but if they drink non-dairy, add that too!

Best Affordable Frother for Tea Lattes Canada - How to Make Tea Lattes - Cheap Milk Frothers Amazon

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