DAVIDsTEA Royal White Peony Tea Review

DavidsTea Royal White Peony Davids Tea Review

The first of the traditional teas from the DavidsTea Garden to Cup collection that I am sharing is Royal White Peony.  Described as a cool delicate Fujian white tea with fresh notes of garden picked snow peas.  They describe it well so I won’t bother trying to describe it differently, this luxurious white tea is priced at $14.98 per $50g but a perfect spoon holds around 2g so it is a reasonable price for a great cuppa.

DAVIDsTEA Royal White Peony Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

DavidsTea Royal White Peony Tea Davids Tea Review - Ingredients

Ingredients: Fujian white tea (no extras in this one)

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz hot (75℃ – 80℃) water for 4-7 minutes.

I used 1 perfect spoon of loose DAVIDsTEA Royal White Peony tea for my 12oz mug and steeped for 5 minutes and it was perfect for me.  A cool aftertaste, almost something sweet and creamy tasting with no dryness.  I did get a little of the snow pea taste but mostly just a crisp vegetal flavour which works for me.  White teas can be fussy and this one is just a nice smooth basic cuppa at a good price.

DavidsTea Royal White Peony Davids Tea Review

The tea leaves themselves are quite delicate.  Long and some with slightly silvery tips, my 16g sample pretty much filled the bags they use for 50g of other teas so don’t let them cram too much into the bag as it will crush the delicate leaves.  While some Tea Guides are great about this, others just crush it down and make it fit – something that Royal White Peony is too good for!

DavidsTea Royal White Peony Tea Davids Tea Review

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