Shelf Stable Non Dairy Tea Latte Fails

Latte Series - Can You Use So Delicious Coconut Milk For Tea Lattes 2

I have mentioned before that So Nice Barista Blend is my go to non dairy choice for lattes. It foams so well but I went through a lot of non dairy milk alternatives trying to find one that would work. The milk proteins is what helps dairy milk foam and stay frothy when heated but […]

The Best Milk To Use in Electric Milk Frothers

Comparing Milk for Tea Lattes Which Is Best Skim Half Fat Full Fat

I generally use 2% in my lattes as it is what we keep in the fridge.  In steaming milk, the amount of proteins in the milk can make a huge difference in the type of foam you get but what about an electric milk frother?  The temperatures are lower than when steaming milk and it […]

Eggnog Tea Latte Tips

Eggnogg Latte with Davidstea Gingerbread Tea

Eggnog is perfect for the holidays but what about creating those Starbucks eggnog lattes at home?  Eggnog obviously has a lot of flavour compared to milk so you need to go with a fairly strong flavoured tea.  Starbucks uses Chai but anything fairly spicy or rich would work.  I wouldn’t go too sweet personally as […]

Is So Nice Barista Blend The Best Non Dairy Alternative For Tea Lattes?

So Nice Barista Blend Non Dairy Alternative for Tea Lattes

I have a whole series of tea latte posts coming.  Trying everything from skim to full fat milk and cream but also a crazy number of non-dairy alternatives.  The thing with regular milk is that most of them foam ok, you can just use whatever is in the fridge.  But non dairy alternatives are another […]

Affordable Milk Frothers & Accessories for Tea Lattes

Best Affordable Frother for Tea Lattes Canada - How to Make Tea Lattes

So, if you are a member of one the DAVIDsTEA fan groups, you have probably seen the amazing tea lattes people make daily.  They are not hard to make and the accessories do not have to be expensive.  Sure, some of them have $100+ milk frothers or milk steamers.  But you do not need them.  […]

Chef’s Star Affordable Electric Milk Frother Review

Chef Star Milk Frother Review

I was a huge fan of my Cuisinart milk frother, until it just stopped working a few weeks after the warranty ran out.  I decided to go for a more budget option if it doesn’t last, so tried the Chef’s Star Premier Automatic Milk Frother.  At under $40, it is on par with the other […]