Wait, Avon Has Tea?

Avon Elephant Mugs, Tea Tins and Tealish tea

Avon Elephant Mugs, Tea Tins and Tealish tea

I may have squealed a little when I saw the latest Avon Living offerings because there are two pages dedicated to tea!  Avon has always had some cute kitchen stuff but they set the bar high with this release.  I tried out three items: the cutest elephant mugs, tea tins and two of the Tealish teas that Avon is now offering online!

Avon Elephant Mugs

Avon Elephant Mugs

Elephant Mugs from Avon Living – $16.99 Cdn for set of two

I will start with Avon’s new elephant mugs because they are adorable.  You get two for under $17 and you can put a tea bag or even a small cookie in their heads!  Yeah it is meant for the tea bag but cookies!   I love the design on these.  Sure, they are far from the most practical of mugs but they hold a decent amount of tea (over 12oz) and who else has a mug like them?

Sadly, you can’t get two blue or two orange mugs, the set comes with one of each.  You do have to be careful washing them as the elephant’s trunk is away from the cup.  I had a moment of shock when they were sitting in my sink and he put something else in there and I head a clang but thankfully they did not break.  These are limited edition so…

Avon Tea Tins

Avon Tea Tins with Tealish Teas

Tea Tins – $12.99 Cdn for set of three

It is hard to find good tea tins at an affordable price. There are lots of small options out there or boring ones.  I mean, I have too many of the DAVIDsTEA silver tins but when you have to drag them all out to find out what is in there because they look the same… unless you want to pay $10+ for the cute single tins and I would rather spend money on tea.

Avon released a set of three coloured tins for $13.  You get a blue, yellow and orange in the set.  They are bigger than the regular silver tins from DAVIDsTEA but not quite tinzillas either.  That makes them the perfect size for me as I rarely fill a Tinzilla and they are even better for storing the tea bags of “regular” tea I keep for guests.

Wait, Avon Sells Tealish Tea?

Avon selling Tealish teas

Yes! Not only can you buy cute tea accessories but they have limited quantities of tea.  I tried out Tealish Good Energy and Delicious Detox and will have reviews up soon!  But for a limited time, you can buy bags of Tealish tea from Avon for just $9.99 online only.  At 35g for $9.99 they are a little pricier than many of the regular teas I would pick up, but nice large samples to try teas.

The current teas offered are

  • Delicious Detox (Green Tea): Delicious antioxidant green tea with refreshing lemon verbena, ginger, lemon myrtle, apple and calendula petals.
  • Skinny Mini (Yerba Mate): Created with yerba mate, a natural appetite suppressant, this blend has touches of ginger, rooibos, vanilla, safflowers and sunflower blossoms.
  • Good Energy (Black & Green Tea): A rejuvenating blend of black and green tea, guarana seeds, blueberries, yerba mate, sunflower blossoms, nettle leaves and blackthorn blossoms.
  • Stress Buster (Herbal Tea): Get instant relaxation with a blend of tulsi herb, apple, pear, cranberries, ginger, rooibos, cinnamon, sunflower blossoms and pineapple.
  • Sleep Fairy (Herbal Tea): Unwind after a long day with a soothing blend of lemongrass, apple, vervain, green rooibos, chamomile, lavender and orange.

What Other Tea Items Does Avon Sell?

Avon 2017 Tea offerings - Tea;ish, TEA/EAT Marquee, honey pot, elephant mugs, infuser, travel mug and more

That is not all either, other tea offerings from Avon currently available are

  • Tea bag tongs and teapot shaped holder/saucer $9.99
  • Ceramic honey pot and dipper $14.99
  • Travel mug with infuser $19.99
  • Light-up T.E.A. Marquee $34.99 (can be used as EAT or TEA)
  • Tea pot shaped infuser $6.99
  • Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties book $24.95

Find them all here

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