DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Review (10th Anniversary Tea)

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Latte Review

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Latte Review

I have whined at DAVIDsTEA about Cookie Dough being discontinued a fair bit over the years.  They will bring back and old tea and I am all “what about Cookie Dough?” instead of just enjoying the tea.  So I was super happy when I saw it included in the 10th Anniversary collection.  DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough is one of the first teas I remember stocking up on and one of the few white teas I truly love enough to pay the higher price tags.

It has been a while since I posted a tea review and now I have four of the DAVIDsTEA dessert type throwback teas plus the new teas coming out today to post.  So expect a lot of tea this week!

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Review

Let me start by saying that Cookie Dough is not your usual fragile white tea.  You brew it at 85-90℃ for about 5 minutes.  Most white teas I do cooler and for less than a minute.  If you avoid white teas because of the steeping issues, this is not one of those teas.

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Ingredients: White tea, cocoa peel and nibs, almonds, walnuts, caramel pieces (condensed skimmed milk, sugar, molasses, butterfat, sorbitol, mono-and diglycerides), chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cacao powder, soy lecithin), artificial flavouring.

The ingredients are a little different than the original version.  This is one of the reasons I picked up the “Throwback Sweethearts” set.  At $20 for just 80g of tea, it is more expensive than buying the tea.  It comes in cute mini tins but lets face it, I have more than enough tins and mugs.  If you don’t have these sized tins, they are great for travel though!  Sadly, the 10th anniversary teas are only available online.

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Reviews

I will admit that I was a little worried at the first sip that Cookie Dough tea would not be as good as I remembered.  There was that “really, steep that high for that long?” thought.  But it is wonderful.  A little sweetener and it really does taste like cookie dough.

The little tin holds 16g.  It is a fairly light tea and the closeup of the tin above is after I used 1.5 Perfect Spoons for a drink.  It is all gone now of course!  I got 4 drinks out of the mini tin, but they were all lattes so I use a little more.  Good as it is a little more expensive than the rest of the 10th Anniversary collection at $10.98 for 50g.

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Latte Review & Steeping Instructions.

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Tea Latte Reviews

A hot latte is the way to enjoy DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough for me.  The creaminess of the milk really brings out the flavour.  Steep around 3 perfect spoons in 10oz for 5 minutes for a 16oz mug.  I did a little over 1.5PS for my Perfect mug with a touch of sweetener.  Add foamed milk and enjoy the creamy cookie flavour. And yes, it is in a Christmas mug because it feels like Christmas in August having Cookie Dough back and I love this mug.

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough 10th Anniversary Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough Throwback Tea Review PIN


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  1. Wowww this sounds incredible! I’m not due to place an order yet… any chance you think they’ll still have stock in a few months?

    1. Not sure, I am guessing it is limited edition but no idea how limited. I want it back permanently!

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