Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Tea Review

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Tea Review 2017

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris is one of my favourite holiday teas.  Definitely one of my fave bagged holiday teas.  So easy to keep a couple in your purse when visiting people over the holidays who may not keep decent tea in the house.  There is only so much coffee a tea drinker can stomach in a day.  Christmas in Paris amps up the typical chocolate mint tea with some lavender for a sophisticated cuppa – one even people who hate floral teas will love.

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris - Description

Best served with a little sugar (amazing with peppermint agave) and milk

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris - Ingredients

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Ingredients: Cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender, chocolate flavour and vanilla extract

Steeping Instructions: Use one bag of Christmas In Paris tea per 8oz boiling water.  Steep for 3-5 minutes.

I find the longer you steep, the more chocolate taste you get.  But it can oversteep a bit and get dry so check it after 4 minutes or so.  I usually leave mine for the full 5 minutes but no longer.  If making as a latte, make sure you add an extra tea bag to allow the full flavour to come through in the extra milk.

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Review

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Tea Review

I am already on my second box of this since finding them at Bulk Barn.  Considering I have not been in love with many of the new teas released this year, it is great to have something I am happy to drink lots of, especially as a bagged tea.  Bulk Barn sells boxes of 18 individually wrapped tea bags for $3.79.  Don’t forget that they usually have a coupon for $3 off $10 so you end up paying $2.79 a box.

Chocolate Mint is one of my fave teas but Stash Tea Christmas in Paris amps it up with the lavender.  The vanilla flavour is not prominent but I think it helps round out the other flavours.  It has a fairly strong mint taste but not the burn your mouth kind followed by chocolate.  The lavender manages to be there from the first sip to the aftertaste without being overpowering or overly perfumey which is impressive.

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris Tea Reviews 2017

You do get a little chocolate residue from the tea bags, but it is nice they use cocoa shells.  The tea brews to a nice amber colour, slightly murky from the chocolate.  I really wish this one was available all year as it sells out really quickly at Bulk Barn and I don’t think I would ever lose interest in it.

Buy It: Bulk Barn already has the full holiday selection or try amazon or  Many stores carrying Stash Tea only carry the core line and not the holiday blends.

Stash Tea Christmas In Paris - Tea Reviews - Holiday Teas 2017

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