DAVIDsTEA Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin

So, I had planned to post a pink tea with Valentine’s Day coming up.  I assumed that with cranberry and hibiscus that DAVIDsTea Cranberry Orange Muffin would be pink.  Turns out, it isn’t but since I am trying to drink my stash, especially the herbal infusions, so they do not go bad before I can finish them here it is.

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea - Loose Macro

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea - Loose Bag

DAVIDsTEA’s Cranberry Orange Muffin was a fall 2015 limited edition release tea.  It promises that you can start your day off right with a comforting blend of cranberries, orange and cinnamon to get all the taste of a freshly baked muffin at a fraction of the calories.

DAVIDsTEA Cranberry Orange Muffin Steeping Instructions

  • 1.25 tsp per cup
  • 96C/205F
  • Steep 4-7 minutes

Cranberry Orange Muffin is caffeine free and is made with cranberries (including beet sugar and sunflower oil), dandelion root, pineapple, cinnamon, orange peel and pieces, hibiscus, mango and natural flavouring.

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea - Steeped

While less obvious in the dried pieces, this tea has some fairly large chunks of fruit once steeped.  Somehow, despite the abundance of cranberries in the loose, it has a lot of orange flavour.  It also has just enough cinnamon to make it muffin-y but not cinnamon overkill like some teas.  While it gives it a slight muffin flavour, it is less baked goods tasting than the bready flavour of Cardamom French Toast.  It smells more muffin-y than it tastes which I think makes you find the muffin flavour in it.

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea - Cup

Despite not being pink, it is still a delicious refreshing tea that could be served with almost anything. Th cranberry and orange gives it just the right amount of tartness while the mango and pineapple sweetness are lingering there in the background without being overly fruity.  While quite a few people mentioned that it disappointed them as a fall tea due to the lack of cinnamon taste, it is what makes me love it.  Hopefully it will come back again this fall.

I only have a cup or two left of this one so doing well in shopping my tea stash and drinking it up before buying more.

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