Perspirex Plus Review

Perspirex Plus Roll On Antiperspirant Review

Perspirex Plus Canada Review Long Wear Antiperspirant

If you deal with excessive sweating, a summer like the one we are “enjoying” is not exactly fun.  Dripping while wearing sleeveless tops or wet look armpits in lighter colours is far from attractive.  So I tried out Perspirex Plus.  It is a long wear antiperspirant that can reduce excessive perspiration and odour for five days.  Plus, it is meant to be less drying and irritating than similar long wear antiperspirants.

Let’s start with the price, because if you have ever looked at Perspirex in stores, you will know it is pricy.  Perspirex Plus retails for $18-21 depending on the store.  Since most deodorants are $4-6 and you only use this every 5th day, not terrible but it is also a tiny bottle. It is similar in price to other long wear antiperspirants.  If you used the old Perspirex in the blue packaging, Perpirex Plus has replaced that.  It is stronger than the original and now lasts up to 5 days.

So what makes Perspirex Plus special?

Perspirex Plus Roll On Deodorant Review

They have a few varieties of Perspirex in other countries but Perspirex Plus is the only kind easily available in Canada.   Although you can order the others from Amazon, this one can be found in stores.  So yay for extra PC Optimum points!

I tried Drysol last year when Chelle from Makeup Your Mind recommended it but it really dried out my skin.  It also stings a lot if you use it after shaving.  Since using Nature’s Bounty for Hair, Skin & Nails, even armpit hair grows faster (amazing for the brows though).  So not something I wanted to try again.

Perspirex Plus is meant to last 5 days.  Not in the same way that 72 hour ones wash off, but actually plug the sweat glands.  You start by applying nightly to build it up then apply every 5 days or as needed.  Since it has 15% Aluminum Chloride which is pretty high and can irritate the skin, Perspirex Plus has a special CPX skin care system to act as a buffer.  Given my previous experience with a sweat blocker, that attracted me to Perspirex.

Unlike many antiperspirants that claim 72 hour protection, Perspirex is shower/bath proof and you are actually mean’t to wash off any excess the next morning after application.

My Experience with Perspirex Plus

Perspirex Plus Roll On Review

Perspirex Plus is not as quick drying as some roll-on products so you do have to wait before putting on clothes.  Since you apply at night when sweat ducts are less active, not as big a deal as if you were rushing in the morning.  I applied two nights in a row the first time I used it and while it says 3-7 to build up the desired effect, I was dry on the third day and decided not to use it until needed.

The first two days I was completely dry even though it was really hot and I was sweating everywhere else.  Perspirex Plus is not meant to be used all over, your body does need to sweat.  It was nice to be able to wear a tank without being so sweaty you could tell or staining the fabric.  The next few days, I was not as dry as the first two but more “normal sweat” than my usual heavy sweat on a humid day approaching 40C.  That may have changed if I applied on the third day to begin with too.

On the 5th day, I reapplied at night and in the slightly cooler weather that week, it lasted well for 5 days each time.    A bottle lasts for 3-4 months, so around $6 a month is reasonable.  Since 5 days doesn’t work well with our weekly calendar, I do have those “am I supposed to reapply today?” moments.

While it does have the CPX skin care system, my pits were a bit dry.  Not irritated like when I tried a sweat blocker previously but definite dryness.  You can use products like scented deodorants over it so body lotion seemed to help with the dry skin without taking away from the effectiveness of Perspirex Plus.


I have now been using it for just over a month and will definitely repurchase.  Not sure it is needed out of laziness of not wanting to apply daily if you don’t sweat heavily given the drying properties.  But it is so nice not coming home at the end of the day sweating through my antiperspirant and staining clothes.

Get more information on Perspirex Plus including availability in Canada here.

Perspirex Plus Review Canada - Sweat Less - PIN

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  1. AMAZING! I’m so glad to hear this worked for you! And you’re so right – Drysol is pretty drying and hella itchy sometimes.

    1. Yeah, it is a pity because it did work but was so irritating.

  2. Will probably still try this . I work outdoors in the summer and still haven’t found a deodorant that I don’t sweat through by the end of the day . Thanks for the review .

  3. Does it cause itchiness… I tried a couple of years ago and it was caused so much itch … anyone had the same feeling ? Or has the newer versions been improved

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