Zoella Splash Botanics Review – Now In Canada

Zoella Splash Collection Canada Review - Drench and Quench Me

Zoella Splash Collection Canada Review - Drench and Quench Me

If you watch Zoella, you will know that she recently expanded her beauty line with the Splash Botanics collection.  This is meant to be a fresh scented line perfect for the warmer weather.  As always, we got it a little later in Canada so not quite the summer collection it was in the UK.  The scent of the Zoella Splash Botanical collection is different for Zoella.  Her previous products have been quite girly sweet while these product are fresher and a little more unisex.  Not that men would necessarily buy them, but would certainly use them.  While it does have some floral notes, it has a mostly clean fresh scent.

DRENCH by Zoella Splash Botanics Review

Zoella Drench Bubble Bath Review

I love the packaging of the Zoella Drench Me Bubble Bath/Soak.  It comes in a juice/milk type container.  Inside the card box container is a plastic jug so you don’t have to worry too much if it gets wet.  But it is double packaging too.  I love that this came to Canada.  I know baths are more of a UK thing and bubble bath doesn’t sell as well here but there is something relaxing about baths for me.

It has a light pink colour but not enough to tinge the water, because who has time for scrubbing stained bath tubs?  The formula is fairly thick and a little goes a long way.  A good thing as this is $15 Canadian.  Available from London Drugs or Farleyco, there are not a lot of options to watch for a sale on it either.  I would buy it just because of Zoella but there are other more affordable bubble baths out there that I love for less.  I do love the packaging though and suddenly want to redecorate my bathroom in pink and green?  Although I want one of those ugly new sofas from IKEA too.

Zoella Quench Me Body Sorbet Review

Zoella Quench Me Body Sorbet Reviews

While I would buy the bubble soak once just because Zoella, Quench Me Body Sorbet is worth trying even if you are not a fan.  Honestly, I have kind of outgrown her channel but watch for a touch of home.  The body sorbet has a nice gel formula.  Quite thick in the little ice cream tub but absorbs quickly and gives a nice boost of moisture.  Not at all greasy, it is a little too scented for me to use daily (my perfume collection also mourns the scent free days) but leaves behind a nice fresh coconut-freesia based fresh scent.

Shop this limited edition collection at London Drugs instore or online.  If you don’t live near a London Drugs, you can also buy direct from FarleyCo Beauty.  Zoella Splash Botanics are already in stores.  You can also get lip oil, body wash, body mist and bath milk powder.

Zoella Beauty Splash Botanicals in Canada Review

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