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DavidsTea Melon Drop Cup & Package

DavidsTea Melon Drop Perfect Spoon Loose Bag

After a few months of drinking my stash, I finally went to DAVIDsTEA,  I am still supposed to be on a tea ban but I had to pick up my free bag of Nepal Black tea before my frequent steepster reward expired and I can’t go into the store without buying a few to try.  The tea of the month for March is Melon Drop and it sounded so delicious that I could not leave without some.

Melon Drop is drop dead delicious: with their soft green colour, naturally sweet taste and cool, juicy flesh, honeydew melons are basically made for spring. In fact, this delicately perfumed fruit has been a popular standby at spring picnics and dinner parties everywhere from the south of France to ancient Rome. So when we mixed luscious honeydew with tangy kiwi and a hint of papaya, we knew it was gonna be good. Light, fruity and totally satisfying, it’s a fresh new way to sweeten up your spring.

DavidsTea Melon Drop Perfect Spoon Loose

DAVIDsTEA Melon Drop Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Melon Drop is made with apple, honeydew melon (melon, sugar), papaya, watermelon, kiwi, artificial melon and kiwi flavouring.

  • 1.25 tsp per 8oz
  • Steep 4-7 minutes at 96°C/204°F
  • Caffeine free
  • 50g for $7.90

Personally, I find that you need more than 1.25tsp for a cup, this is fairly chunky compared to a tea with tea leaves so I use a heaped perfect spoon.  Probably around 3tsp for my 12oz mug.  In case you are not aware, despite saying 1.25tsp is the perfect amount per cup. a DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoon is made for their 12 oz infusers, so hold 2.5tsp.  Still a little more than 1.25tsp but the flavour is more intense.

DavidsTea Melon Drop Cup & Package

DAVIDsTEA Melon Drop is a light yellow fruit infusion.  It has a fruit candy kind of taste to it that is sweet but a little artificial tasting while DavidsTea is usually quite natural in their fruity teas.  The samples they brewed were much stronger (not unusual for any DAVIDsTEA samples) and very sweet.  While I do like it hot and it makes a nice change to my many black teas (especially cinnamon teas) left in my stash, I think that it would make an amazing iced tea for summer.

DavidsTea Melon Drop Outtake

Because out-takes are always good, Jazzy thinks that Melon Drop is great!  This is why you should never set up your blog photography on the floor with a cat around.


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  1. Hmmm doesn’t sound like I’d like it (not a fan of honey dew) but it does sound like a wonderful spring tea!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It is more candy-ish than pure melon but there are lots of great ones if you don’t like honeydew

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