DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Store?

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Stores - Loblaws Partnership 2018

DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Stores - Loblaws Partnership 2018

Good news for those who are not lucky enough to live near a DAVIDsTEA store and hate paying for shipping.  DAVIDsTEA stepped into the grocery store marketplace this month!  They have partnered with Loblaws to bring sachet packs to your local grocery store.  They are already hitting shelves of select Loblaws banner stores but more stores will stock them in the coming weeks.  Look for the adorable new packaging alongside other tea products.

What DAVIDsTEA Teas Can You Buy at Loblaws?

To start, Loblaws and  DAVIDsTEA picked a selection of best sellers and customer favourites.  They come in a sachet pack of 15 tea bags (great for those new to loose leaf who don’t have infusers and tea pots) for around $10.  Teas include Buddha’s Blend, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Cold 911, Cream of Earl Grey, Detox, Forever Nuts, Green Passionfruit, Just Peachy, Mother’s Little Helper and Peppermint Amour.

What Grocery Stores Stock DAVIDsTEA Sachet Packs?

Not all Loblaws banner stores will stock them and the selection may differ by location once they know what sells locally.  You can check out the new DAVIDsTEA selection at Loblaws in Ontario, Independent in Ontario, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada, Zehrs, Valu-Mart, Atlantic Superstore, Dominion, Provigo and Fortinos.  Sadly not No Frills although DAVIDsTEA is far from a typical No Frills offering.  It doesn’t look like RCSS will carry it.  Please let me know if you spot it there!

Doesn’t look like there is anything for US DAVIDsTEA lovers yet.

Pros & Cons of DAVIDsTEA at the Grocery Store

While my usual Fortinos has a DAVIDsTEA in the same mall, I do think it will be great to pick up Cold 911 when you feel the start of a cold at work or something.  I can’t see it replacing my trips to my local DT store (plus the Tea Guides are amazing) but it is nice to be able to introduce people to the brand without dragging them to a tea store.

The packs are $10 at my local grocery store compared to $9.50 direct from DAVIDsTEA and no Frequent Steeper points.  I mean, I might get lucky and get a PC Optimum offer on them but they are still offering me points that I have said do not show again so they don’t “get me” very well.  I might redeem all my PC Optimum points on them though.

Flavours are also very limited obviously.  Not my usual go to teas.  Buddah’s Blend in particular can be a fussy tea so not sure it is great for people just trying off the shelf.  If you are reading this, which teas would you have included?

I also realize that I am very lucky to have not one but three stores within easy shopping distance.  But for those who shop online, this is amazing to pick up a little tea if you get low while waiting to order during a new release or special offer.

DAVIDsTEA in Grocery Stores - Loblaws Partnership 2018

Images courtesy of DAVIDsTEA


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  1. That’s awesome news for places that don’t have the stores there! Hopefully they branch out further

    1. Hopefully, I know the US fans want them in grocery stores there too

  2. I love this idea! I know so many people who live far from stores who will love this. My mother in law lives in the Yukon, when she drives into town (2 hours away from her) she always goes to Superstore, so she will be so happy when they get it up there. I cannot live without cold911, to know I can just get some when I need it and in bags is a great idea.

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