Pooh Bear Nails with Kiss Nail Stickers

Winnie The Pooh Nail Stickers Nail Art CBBxManiMonday

Winnie The Pooh Nail Stickers Nail Art CBBxManiMonday

I was super excited when we chose childhood as a theme for CBBxManiMonday this week and discussed a cartoon inspiration.  I have had these Kiss Nails stickers for a while and loved Pooh Bear as a kid.  But I don’t love the mani.  Problem with waiting to do your challenge nails until 5am the morning it is due!

Pooh Bear Nail Art Hit The Bottle Drop Red Gorgeous and Avon Limoncello Gradient Nail

I started with a gradient in bright yellow and red.  I thought it would match the Pooh theme.  Starting with a base of white, I then sponged over it using Avon Gel Finish in Limoncello and Hit the Bottle Drop Red Gorgeous.  Both have a slight shimmer to them.  The gradient itself was nice and very Pooh like.  Maybe I went a bit over the top with the stickers?

Once dry, I applied different nail stickers to my nails.  I thought there would be more actual Pooh Bear images inside the package but it had a lot of flowers etc.  No hunny pot or other images you would expect.  You can’t see them all when you buy them as the cardboard packaging covers about 1/3 of the stickers.

Pooh Bear Nail Art Kiss Stickers Review

They were quite thin so wrapped on the nail well but even with two coats of top coat, you can see the edges.  While they stick to the nail well and easily wrapped across the nail, the edges not so much.  I tried cutting them carefully but they are very fragile and several broke so couldn’t do my original design.  Then I tried wrapping Pooh’s shirt under my nail and fusing it with acetone when it wouldn’t stick.  It just melted away.

Anyway, I though I would share my semi fail so you can see that nail bloggers often hate their nails too!  Plus, it is #CBBxManiMonday so pop over to see the much better job  Cosmetic ProofPrairie Beauty Love and See the World in Pink did with this challenge.

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