5 Animal Lover Mugs You Need In Your Collection

Five Animal Themed Mugs You Need In Your Collection

Five Animal Themed Mugs You Need In Your Collection

As a tea lover, I have various cups, infusers and more that I like for different teas.  Some that keep it warm for longer, colour changing, seemingly bottomless and more.  But animal themed mugs, especially cat mugs, steal my heart every time.  Here are five currently available animal themed mugs you need to add to your collection.

Davids Tea Playing Cat Scratch Colour Changing Nordic Mug

DavidsTea always has cute mugs and know that they have a large cat loving fan base as this is not the first cat mug from them.  The newest colour changing cat mug features cats playing in classic DT teal and white.  It holds 16oz so you can have that much needed big cup of tea and in general, I am a sucker for colour changing mugs. This design is also available in a travel mug style.

Buy DavidsTea Colour Changing Cats Playing Nordic Mug $23 online or at a DavidsTea store

TeaTaxi Owl and Fox Mugs

TeaTaxi is a fairly new company to me but when I recently reviewed their Tea Generation subscription service, I noticed these two adorable mugs in their collection.  The fox one immediately stole my heart because of both its simplicity and the fact I decided to take home a baby fox as a child and tried to secretly keep it in my bedroom – something my family will not let me forget.

Both the owl and fox themed mugs have silicone covered handles for comfort, are just under 13oz and have a stainless steel infuser with lid.  Tea Taxi’s owl and fox themed mugs can be purchased online for $23.

Avon You Had Me At Meow Woof Mugs

Avon plays to cat and dog lovers with these jumbo ceramic travel mugs,  No infuser but they are adorable, so simple yet every time I have my cat one out with me, someone asks where I got it.  The message shows in French on the other side of the mug and I have used mine a lot in the last month or so without any leaking from the travel cap.

These Avon exclusive You Had Me At Meow/Woof mugs are just $14.99 but only available for a limited time.  Order one here or contact an Avon rep to order as they will be gone from the catalogue soon

.Chapters Indigo Animal Mugs

Not all of us want to buy online, potentially paying shipping from tea companies or live close to a store, so Chapters-Indigo have a huge selection of animal themed mugs.  They also have some more unique mugs like beavers, bears and even moose.  Sizes and prices vary by design.  Check out the selection here.

Kitties and Cabernet - Theres probably fur in this mug

Finally, this one stole my heart when I looked at the Look Book for a recent Craftadian show.  Kitties and Cabernet is pretty much all cats and wine so cat lovers will find something they love.  From These’s Probably Fur In This to I Love You To The Food and Back (which my sister says is as true for her teen boy as well as her dog). Available in various sizes and slogans on etsy or at select locations.

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  1. Such great selections! I love all of the mugs 🙂

  2. If I didn’t already own over 20 mugs then I totally would be buying one of these!! So cute!

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