DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Collection Sneak Peeks

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks

I will admit that I have not been that excited about DAVIDsTEA collections this year.  Part of this is just that I had so much and had to sip down and was on a low buy.  But that meant that it had to get me really excited to buy which few teas did.  This collection however has me super excited.  The waiting at the door when they open kind of excited.

Yesterday, DAVIDsTEA posted several instagram stories showing an upcoming collection for their 10th anniversary.  It includes a collection of returning fan favourites.  This includes one of what I would consider to be one of the most requested teas (and a personal favourite for me) Cookie Dough.

If you were not a DAVIDsTEA customer when these released, I thought I would give an overview of them.  The images will be from their previous releases as there is no information out on the 2018 blends yet.

DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Apple Custard Tea

Apple Custard by DAVIDsTEA is an older tea.  It was part of a 2014 collection and is described as a delicious mix of apple, chamomile, raisins with a creamy hint of vanilla.  This was part of a collection with Bubbie’s Baklava and Sugar Plum Forest, so a delicious collection.  I have had this before and enjoyed it but not enough to buy more of it.

Ingredients: Apples, golden raisins, coriander, chamomile, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring

Review of DAVIDsTEA Apple Custard from Tea & Ink 

DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dough

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Cookie Dough Tea

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the return of Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA.  As mentioned, it is probably one of the most requested teas for returning teas.  I mean, Cookie Dough is comfort food!  With almonds, walnuts, caramel, brittle and chocolate chips, it’s like brewing up an instant sugar cookie.  It was a white tea and did have artificial flavouring but so delicious.  Cookie Dough was a really early tea for me, and was around in 2012-2013.

Ingredients: White tea, cocoa peel, almonds, walnuts, cream caramel pieces, roasted cocoa brittle, chocolate chips, artificial flavouring*.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Cookie Dought from Notes on Tea 

DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Covered Almonds

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Chocolate Covered Almonds

I am quite surprised that I have not reviewed this.  Chocolate Covered Almonds by DAVIDsTEA is one of the more recent teas from the returning fan faves collection for their 10th anniversary.  It is a good dessert tea with a creamy black base and a good nutty-chocolate flavour.  Chocolate Covered Almond makes a delicious warm latte but can taste very artificial if not steeped properly.

Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, roasted carob, black tea, almonds, yerba mate, sugar, natural and artificial, chocolate and cream-almond flavoring.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Covered Almond by Tea Leaf Project

DAVIDsTEA Red Velvet Cake

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Red Velvet Cake Tea

Red Velvet Cake may be returning for this collection but is already up on their website as a loose tea too.  This one is very cakey tasting with a rich chocolatey taste and a black base that doesn’t seem too astringent so works well with all the sweetness.  Red Velvet Cake is one of those teas that has been around on and off for quite a while, so certainly a fan fave.

Ingredients: Black tea, semi-sweet chocolate bits, white chocolate bits, beetroot powder, sprinkles, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Red Velvet Cake by Tea with Kayla

DAVIDsTEA Blue Lagoon

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Blue Lagoon Tea

This one doesn’t get enough love.  Primarily blueberry with pineapple and lemongrass, it doesn’t sound delicious but makes a really nice cuppa.  Another one that has come back before in a returning/fan faves collection.  Watch the steep time on this one or it can become a bit medicinal in flavour.

Ingredients: Candied pineapple (pineapple, cane sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide), blueberry, lemongrass, elderberries, cornflower, natural and artificial flavouring.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Blue Lagoon from The Corner of Knit and Tea

DAVIDsTEA Buchu Superfruit

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Buchu Superfruit Tea

I am quite surprised by this one being included, most of the people I know found it just ok.  They would drink it but not a stock up tea.  I thought it might just be in my circle but it only has a 66% rating on Steepster too and there are some people on there who rate all DAVIDsTEA teas highly.  It is full of healthy ingredients though and makes sense to not pack it with the dessert teas some of us love.

Ingredients : Organic : Black currants, blackberry leaves, green rooibos, goji berries, strawberries, buchu, blueberries, acai, stevia extract, natural acai and raspberry flavouring.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Buchu Superfruit from Steep Sip Repeat

DAVIDsTEA Copabanana

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Copabanana Tea

Banana-Coconut is pretty far from my ideal tea so no surprise that I don’t love Copabanana, but it is definitely a fan favourite.  This is a pretty early tea but I think it was either around for a while or has returned before as it was sold more recently.  It does have more of a real banana taste compared to some that taste like those banana candy things.

Ingredients: almond, apple, coconut, orange peel, cocoa peel, banana, strawberry, vanilla.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Copabanana by Happy Sushi Belly

DAVIDsTEA Rainbow Sherbet

DAVIDsTEA 10th Anniversary Sneak Peeks - Rainbow Sherbet Tea

Last, but not least we have Rainbow Sherbet which I still have some of from the release last year.  It is a great tea for people new to teas.  Fruity, but not over the top fruity and great hot or iced.  It is a little hibiscus heavy to make it one of my faves but it is so nice iced on a hot day.  Very drinkable so I can see why it made it onto the list.  Interestingly, this one is currently on sale in the semi-annual sale so we may be seeing a new formula on this.

Ingredients: Apple, pineapple (pineapple, sugar), orange peel, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, cornflower petals, raspberries, natural flavouring.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Rainbow Sherbet from Steep Sip Repeat

Which one are you most looking forward to?  Any tea you would have loved to see return in this collection?


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  1. Oooh there are SO many great teas in this collection! I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Me too, I am hoping they are available loose and not just in a gift set because I need so much Cookie Dough

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