Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Tea Review

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Review

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Review

I am pretty sure that this is a copy of the original Teaopia blend of Creamy Nut Oolong.  If not, Citizen Tea’s is very close.  No surprise there since the Teaopia founder who now owns Citizen Tea got it right the first time.    Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong is nutty tasting, but not DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts type nutty.  It is more balanced with the sweetness of caramel without being overly sweet and a creamy finish.  It isn’t pink either!   At $15 for 75g, it is a little more expensive than some of their blends but works out to about $0.41 per 8oz cup.

Perhaps the only thing better than a caramel dipped apple is a caramel dipped apple covered in almond pieces. Inspired by the ultimate carnival treat, we bring you Creamy Nut Oolong. We took crisp apple pieces and blended them with swirls of creamy caramel, nutty almond and a buttery oolong tea for a guilt-free way to indulge in your favourite treat.

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Ingredients

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Loose Tea Review

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Review and Ingredients

Ingredients: Oolong tea, apple pieces, caramel pieces (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup,(wheat), butter fat, humectant: sorbitiol(wheat), emulsifier(rapeseed)), almond leaves, almond pieces, sunflower petals, safflower petals, blue mallow flowers.

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Steeping Instructions

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong - Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Steeping instructions for Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong: 1 teaspoon per 8oz near boiling (90°C / 194°F) water.  Steep for 3-4 minutes.

The tea spoon sent with my order is definitely larger than a teaspoon.  I have not measured it, but I am guessing it is close to a Perfect Spoon.  Anyway, you need a little more tea on this one.  One scoop was a little weak with 12oz water but the timing and temperature are good.  I like my teas to be quite flavourful and resteep oolongs so tend to go heavy on them anyway.

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Tea Review

Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Review

I liked this tea back when Teaopia was around so no surprising that I like it.  The apples add depth but it is not an apple tea.  The overuse of apples to bulk up teas has annoyed me recently but it rounds out Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong nicely.   The description says a caramel apple dipped in almond pieces but I get more nut and less apple than that suggests.  Still a great cuppa and I am happy to find a replacement for an old favourite.

The second steep was less sweet, likely because the caramel melted in the first steep.  Smoother but nuttier, it tasted great with some sweetener and milk.  I think I have enough of my sample left to try it as a latte!

So Citizen Tea has gone two for two in the samples I have tried so far.  If you missed Black Pearls, check it out here.

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3 Replies to “Citizen Tea Creamy Nut Oolong Tea Review”

  1. I’ve been loving Rooibos tea lately, especially with cinnamon. I need to check out your blog and discover more brands.


  2. Another Jennifer says: Reply

    As someone who did measure the the tea spoon, both with actual tea spoon measures and a David’s Tea perfect tea spoon, your suspicions are correct. It holds two tea spoons of water AKA one David’s Tea perfect teaspoon. If you were wondering, the David’s Tea perfect matcha spoon is ever-so-slightly-larger than 1/2 a teaspoon.

    I generally find second steeps to be a little on the weak side flavour wise, so what I usually do is add half the initial amount of tea for each subsequent steep to strengthen the flavour. Makes the tea last a little longer without sacrificing my enjoyment.

    1. Thanks for the measurements, it looked around the same and was fine for other teas. It scratches quickly though with just plastic.

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