Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market 2017 Shopping Guide

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 Dates and Info

Working on that holiday shopping list?  Take the opportunity to shop local at the Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market this Saturday.  It starts at 10am and as always, they have swagbags if you are one of the first 50 families.  The Christmas Markets are always their most popular, so get to First United Church (151 Lakeshore Road W, Port Credit) early to snag one.

Once Halloween passes, my diary is filled with holiday shopping promos, including the many pop-ups, craft shows and Christmas markets that are held in November and December.  You know Craftadian is my favourite as I mention it constantly.  They are well organized, in easy to get to locations and have a great variety of vendors.   Plus they stick to actual handmade stuff.  I hate paying to get into a “craft show” to find it is all Avon, Scentsy, Jamberry etc sellers.  Not that I don’t love some of their products, but I go wanting to get unique pieces and shop local.

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 Sampler Box and Details

Craftadian sent me a sample box of the goodies you can get at the upcoming Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market.  So grab a cup of tea and see what I recommend buying.  Like I said, they have something for everyone at Craftadian shows.  So a little bit of beauty (with some of my fave vendors), some jewelry, food, things for little ones and more!

Beauty at Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Small Batch Soaps Berry Vanilla Cupcake Soap

Berry-Vanila Cupcake Soap from Small Batch Soaps

Starting with beauty, because soaps, skincare and makeup are always my first purchases!  Not the first time I have mentioned Small Batch Soaps, she makes those adorable unicorn soaps as well as handmade ones I can actually use instead of just keeping to look pretty on a shelf.   This cupcake soap smells amazing.  If you want something really unique, check out her Mermaid or Over The Rainbow soaps.  They are works of art!  Lisa also makes bath bombs, bubble scoops, whipped soap and more.

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Holly Berry Mineral Makeup

Mineral Eyeshadow from HollyBerry Body in Giselle and Ursula

I have talked about my love of HollyBerry and her mineral makeup before.  So I won’t bore you by saying it all again, go check it out with swatches here!  Holly also makes amazing skincare and bath stuff.  I recommend grabbing some of her manicure bombs, milk chocolate lotion and mineral blush.  A little birdy told me her new pedicure bombs will be available at the show.  Grab a couple of those, you will need them after all the shopping!

Other beauty vendors include La Cha Cha soaps and Boosh for chemical free handmade lipsticks!  For the guys, The Wayward Gent will be there with skincare and beard oil.

Food and Drink at Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - 3 Teas Strawberry Green Tea

Organic Strawberry Green Tea from 3 Teas

I always get excited when I see a tea vendor at shows.  It doesn’t count towards a no-buy if it is at Craftadian haha.  You have probably seen my whining about the stevia in the recent teas I have reviewed from holiday collections.  So it is great to see 3 Teas is still keeping it natural with no sugar or artificial flavouring.  Not sure if she will have the sample bags at the show, but 3 Teas sells small samples so you can try them before buying larger quantities.  Great if you never know if you love a tea by the name.

Soup Girl will also be vending with her ten flavours of ready to make jarred soups.  Plus, treat yourself to some perogies after a hard day of shopping because Andrzejewski Perogies will be there.

Jewelry at Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Dream Willow Studio Bracelet

A regular on the market circuit, Dream Willow Studio is always one I stop by.  I have a couple of her charm bracelets which start at only $15!  She has some really beautiful pieces and I might stop by to get one of her memorial necklaces to keep a part of my sister with me everyday.

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Luxe Zen Energy Stone

Another regular, Luxe.zen has some really cute pieces with uniquely shaped gemstones and more.  Check out their essential oil diffuser bracelets to help keep you calm through the holidays!  They also have some really nice minimalist necklaces for those who are not a fan of chunkier statement pieces.

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Sue B Designs Hand Painted Earrings

Sue B Designs hand paints her jewelry with alcohol inks so every piece is a little different.  These earrings are only $8.50 so a great affordable but thoughtful gift for Secret Santas and other gift exchanges.

Art & Cards at Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Three on the Treetop Gift Tag

Of course, a holiday market needs some paper vendors!  There are a few at the Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market.  Three on the Treetop sells a lot of nursery art, shadowboxes and more.  But at Craftadian, they will also have unique gift tags to up the look of your holiday wrapping!  She has a really cute Christmas card with three reindeer as well as Bee Merry designs.

YFL.ART is great for those who love fandom pieces and Backyard Press & Paper always have cute and super unique cards.

What Else To Buy at Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market?

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 -Think Chic Taco Socks

No matter what you love, ThinkChic has socks for it!  On my list are “I fell into a book and can’t get up” as well as bring me tea and bring me a latte.  Maybe a Messy Bun Getting $#!% Done t-shirt too.

Craftadian Mississauga Holiday Market 2017 - Bubbas Woodturning Snowman Magnet

I got a magnet from Bubba’s Woodturning in my box, but he makes handmade honey dippers.  I have no idea what happened to mine so seems like a great time to pick up a new one!

You can see a full list of vendors for the Craftadian Mississauga Christmas Market here.  Which one are you most excited for? Admission is only $3 and children 16 and under are free.  If you are closer to me in Hamilton, it is worth the drive into Mississauga but they will also have a Christmas Market at McMaster Innovation Park on December 2nd.

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