The No Spend Month of Blog Posts

Blogging on a Budget - No Spend - Monthly Faves and Empties

One of the biggest things at our recent Better Blogging twitter party was that blogging can be expensive.  So here is a plan for blogging using your actual stash.  Post three times a week without spending anything specifically on blogging products.  Follow this no spend month of blog posts to get back on track and gain a little traffic from mentioning product names people may be searching for!

Blogging on a Budget - No Spend - Monthly Faves and Empties

Week One – The No Spend Month

Monday:  Monthly Faves.  An easy post every month.  Talk about the products you loved in the previous months.  Old or new.  With season changes, we often go back to old favourites we haven’t touched in a while.

Wednesday: Monthly Empties.  Another easy one.  Save your beauty trash and show people what you actually use in a month.  Often bloggers talk about products, but do they actually use them or go back to their usual faves.  The tried and tested regulars are the ones most of us would highly recommend.

Friday: Fave look of the day this week.  Do this weekly for an easy post.  Switch it up for a nail look if you are skipping makeup.

Favourite Lipsticks for Fall - Blogging on a Budget - No Spend

Week Two – The No Spend Month

Monday: Current skincare routine as the weather changes.  With colder weather ahead, many of us are switching skincare products.  Talk about the ones you are using now or why you are switching from your summer skincare.

Wednesday: Best Fall Lipsticks.  We all have some great fall colours in our collection.  Share your faves!

Friday: Fave look of the day this week (or switch up for a nail look)

Nail of the Day - Blogging on a Budget - No Spend

Week Three – The No Spend Month

Monday:  Nail of the day.   Show us what is on your nails, especially if you are not a nail blogger.  Get your nails done? Talk about how to find a good nail salon!

Wednesday: Best Fall Eyeshadows.  Another easy one as we all have fall colours in many palettes.

Friday: Fave look of the day this week.  Since we already have nails this week, you can do a look of the month so far or share a list of upcoming products you want to buy.

Fave Bath Products - Blogging on a Budget - No Spend Month

Week Four – The No Spend Month

Monday: Fave bath and shower products.  Another easy one, we all use shower products, share your faves.

Wednesday: Best Blush for Fall Looks.  As skin loses its summer glow and you get a little paler but makeup gets darker, share your fave blushes for fall.

Friday: Fave look of the day this week, or switch it up for nails!

Blogging on a Budget - How to Blog All Month Without Spending A Dime (A Beauty Bloggers Guide to No Spend Blogging Month)

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