Blogolympics Blogging Challenge – Winter 2018 Olympics

Blogolympics 2018 - 17 Day Blogging Challenge During The 2018 Winter Olympics

My December challenge did not go as planned, so I have joined the Blogolympics!  Many people are doing different things for the Blogolympics.  Some are doing sport type challenges.  Others are doing winter themed ideas.  I went with 17 days of blog organization to help me stay on track.  The Blogolympics runs from February 9th […]

Beauty Blogger Prompts For November NaBloPoMo

Beauty Blogger Blog Post Prompts for November NaBloPoMo

If you are not familiar with NaBloPoMo, it is an acronym for National Blog Posting Month.  You can just up your blogging, do some blog housekeeping like checking for broken links and refreshing your layout.  But the major part of NaBloPoMo is a challenge to post once a day!  I post a fair amount but […]

The No Spend Month of Blog Posts

Blogging on a Budget - No Spend - Monthly Faves and Empties

One of the biggest things at our recent Better Blogging twitter party was that blogging can be expensive.  So here is a plan for blogging using your actual stash.  Post three times a week without spending anything specifically on blogging products.  Follow this no spend month of blog posts to get back on track and […]

Donut Day Nail Art

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

Did you know that today is Donut Day?  I have wanted to try donut themed nailart for ages so it seemed like the perfect time.  I finally picked up the pack of ten different acrylic paints from Dollarama, so they got tested in this design too. Donut Day Nail Art Supplies This one used quite […]