Avon A Box Pro Picks Box For Fall 2017

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeup - All Products

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Packaging

Many of us have dropped our subscription box habit for numerous reasons.  The main one for me was not loving the boxes and thinking that saving the $10-20 spent on each could be better used on stuff I love.  Add in the cost of shipping and some of the Canadian ones going out of business increasing the shipping cost from the US if you want them and the new Avon A Box program looks pretty good.   Rather than mystery items, they have curated boxes for different tastes and I will be sharing several of the current and upcoming boxes this week.

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeuo

Today, I have an existing box, the A Box Pro Picks collection.  Most of these boxes are around $30-50 but check the catalogue as they are usually offered as a cheaper deal when you spend a certain amount.  So you can buy your faves from Avon and add on an A Box for around $10 each time.  The Avon A Box Pro Picks box has a mix of skincare and makeup.  Depending on the box that cycle, you could get an all skincare or all makeup box.  But you will always know exactly what is included.

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeup - All Products

Unlike the last box where everything was wine themed, the Pro Picks A Box is a curated box of their top rated products.  You get a mix of full size and travel sizes in the Avon Pro Picks A Box.  It includes Avon True Color Moisture Eye Makeup Remover, Anew Platinum Night Cream (travel size), Anew Power Serum (travel size), Avon True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner in Blackest Night, Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara and Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum.

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeup Product List

Of course, a card with all of the information on the products is included too!

Avon A Box Pro Picks: Makeup

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Skincare and Makeup - Wide Awake Mascara and Glimmersticks

Both products I have tried before thanks to Avon’s generous packages to bloggers.  So you know my love of their Glimmersticks.  My eyes water a lot and many eyeliners last less than an hour on me.  Avon True Color Glimmersticks last even on my waterline so I actually buy them even though I have a bunch.  They do tend to be quite soft and break in the heat.  Not as big a deal as it cools down, but I keep mine in the fridge in summer.

Avon Wide Awake Mascara is also one I have tried before.  It gives both length and volume but I personally find it holds too much product at the twists so I have others I reach for first.  Despite not being marketed as waterproof, I don’t get raccoon eyes wearing it though so the actual formula is good!

Which brings me to their eye makeup remover.  I am not sure if it would make my Pro Picks A Box.  Avon has some amazing products that would feature higher for me.  But it does what it says and removes the two very black eye makeup products without scrubbing.

Avon A Box Pro Picks: Skincare

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Anew Power Serum

Power Serum (Avon Pro Picks A Box)

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Brightening Vitamin C Serum (Avon Pro Picks A Box)

Avon’s serums are quite expensive so nice to try them before committing to a full size.  The Avon Anew Power Serum is a water based anti-aging serum.  Even beautypedia admits that it includes fairly impressive mix of anti-aging ingredients to address a range of concerns.  So no surprise that I felt some difference in my skin after using this for just a few days.  I mean, it isn’t a miracle worker, it isn’t rolling back the summer spent in the sun.  But my skin feels better using this daily.

As for Avon Anew Vitamin C Serum, I actually prefer the feel of it to the Power Serum. While it does give a dose of moisture, not sure how brightening it is without long term use, longer than the travel size included in this Pro Picks A Box at least.  But Vitamin C is great for the skin, so can’t hurt right?

My top choice from the Avon Pro Picks A Box

Avon A Box Pro Picks Fall 2017 Anew Platinum Night Cream

Finally, the one that I will likely purchase (when it is on sale of course).  Avon Anew Platinum Night Cream.  I have tried a couple of other products from the Anew Platinum range and like them but with a lot of skincare to try, not enough that they made it into my to buy list.  But this stuff made my skin feel amazing after just one use.  Actually, the second use because I managed to get some in my eye the first time and couldn’t read in bed!  It leaves my skin so soft.  At first I was a bit worried that it was too much on my oily areas but after cleansing in the morning and applying the Power Serum, my skin looked amazing!

Check back each day this week as I share some more of these A Boxes along with some other recent and upcoming releases from Avon.  One will make your holiday gift list so be sure not to miss it!

Avon Pro Picks A Box for Fall 2017 - Top Rated Skincare and Makeup from Avon - Subscription Boxes Canada

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