Orange Nail Art #CBBOctNails Challenge

Pumpkin Orange Nail Art CBBOctNails

Pumpkin Orange Nail Art CBBOctNails

The #CBBOctNails challenge for day 5 is orange nails.  I am not a huge fan of orange, but Halloween seems to be full of it.  I went with the obvious, Jack O’Lantern Pumpkins.

Pumpkin Orange Nail Art CBBOctNails Polishes

Polishes used for my orange nail art are

  • Essie Roarrrrange
  • Zoya Storm (it is getting a lot of use during this challenge)
  • Zoya Chloe

I started with a base of Essie Roarrrrange, it is bright, opaque and goes on evenly. I then added the eyes, noses and mouth with a small brush using Zoya Storm.  Roarrrrange is very bright, so to make it more wearable, I added Zoya Chloe as an effect coat over the whole nail.  The red/orange/gold holo flakies take away from the OMG crazy orange look.  Plus it means that you do not have to try and give the ‘pumpkin’ orange some depth with lines.

I am not super happy with how they turned out, my jack o lanterns are not exactly scary looking, but my freehand is terrible.  If you are a beginner to nail art or  just draw like a 5 year old like I do, I have a second look for you to try out

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Essie Roarrrrange Layla Bubbly Effect Black Forest

This is an old one, but if you want an easy orange look, check out Layla Bubbly Effect polishes.  I paired the black over Essie Roarrrrange here.  Super simple but gets a great Halloween look in minutes (well a little longer waiting for coats of polish to dry, but for the beginner to nail art, fool proof and a great look).

You do need to wait until your base colour is completely dry before applying Layla Bubbly Effect or it lifts that polish too.  I posted a couple of orange polishes before if you do not think you can pull off orange.

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3 Replies to “Orange Nail Art #CBBOctNails Challenge”

  1. I love your pumpkins! And I agree that a special effect top coat is an easy and great way to get some nail art.

  2. My freehand abilities are so underdeveloped it’s not funny. I love the complex look of the second one, even if it’s as easy as applying a top coat. Those looks are the best because anyone can do them and feel accomplished.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Definitely! It is why I have so many effect coats haha
      I am not bad at drawing what I want to do, but putting it on the nail is a whole other ball game. I just bought an UberChic mat in the hopes that I can draw onto top coat and then reverse stamp my nails with it (If customs would kindly release my package grrrr)

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