Hard Candy Look Pro Metal Eyes Set

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Set Review

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Set - Packaging

Heavier metallic colours are not really my thing in the warmer months when the Hard Candy Look Pro! Metal Eyes set landed in Walmart stores across Canada.  But as we head into fall sweater weather and certainly holiday season, colours like these get a lot more use.  The Look Pro! Metal Eyes eyeshadow set from Hard Candy  includes 4 highly pigmented metallic pearl eyeshadows, mixing liquid, a mixing well, a professional dual-ended eyeshadow brush, and a mini black eyeliner.  You can mix the amount of shadow to the liquid for your ideal pigmentation.  While the set does not show online, they have had them at my local store recently.

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Set Review

You get two browns which are fairly similar but there is a difference when applied plus gold and silver.  The gold is a bit too yellow for my skin tone but that goes for most golds so I won’t hold it against it.  I first swatched these straight from the pans and hated how powdery they were with no pigmentation.  However, a little of the setting liquid really transforms these shadows.

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Swatches

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Set Review and Swatches

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches

As you can see, they do have a little glitter in them which is noticeable.  Not a terrible thing for a holiday look but if you want that smoother metal look, something to be aware of.   These were applied by mixing the shadows with 2 drops of the Hard Candy setting liquid and dipping the brush into the mixing pan wet.  That helps it from absorbing too much of the setting liquid before applying.

Hard Candy Metal Eyes Set - Mixing Well and Setting Liquid

I like the silver and the lighter of the two browns.  The other brown holds a bit too much glitter for my liking but many have an overspray so may be better deeper into the pan.  The Hard Candy eyeshadow setting liquid however is a great find.  I have been using it to set some of my fave shades of shadows and they stick all day with amazing pigmentation.

My issue with this set is getting the powdery shadow from the top to the bottom to use the mixing well.  You can pop the mixing well out but it just seems a little overly messy for applying eyeshadow and simply wetting the brush with the liquid and dipping into the pan doesn’t get the same colour pay off.  Certainly cheaper than many metallic polishes with similar opacity if you are willing to put in the work.

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